“Any marketer looking to hone their marketing skills should give align.me a call”

“Even the most experienced marketer would derive benefit from this course”

Malcolm Hamilton, Channel Marketing Manager – Australia, SAP

“The positive effect of my team all talking the same language is already working and the course is only just over. Excellent”

David Liff, VP Marketing, CA (USA)

“Hugh’s vast knowledge of B2B marketing helps clarify the complex art of effective marketing”

“Very useful material that gives great support to marketers”

Andy Cooper, Country Marketing Director, CA (Australia)

“This is the best course with the most useful content I have attended”

Kellie Randrup, Marketing Communications Manager, SAP

“Great workshops, very enlightening”

Karl Verhurst, Marketing Director, Asia South, CA (Singapore)

“This training module has helped me to understand the problems in our company better! It was very beneficial to me. The information together with actions to take developed during the training will help me to align Sales & Marketing”

Elisabeth Zortea, Marketing Manager – iProvide, AAPT

“As usual align.me delivers quality workshops, Hugh knows his stuff”

Russell McNamara, CA (Australia)

“Brings together a number of aspects of marketing theory into a highly practical framework which can easily be applied”

Mike Nelles, Invoke Productions

“Where the rubber hits the road, a practical application of theory to live campaigns, improving them significantly”

Dan McDermott, CA (Australia)

“Don’t reckon a serial string of ‘best-of’ AIM course / topics / modules would have come close”

Glenn Guilfoyle, Managing Director, The Next Level Enterprises

“Thank-you – a great environment debate, strategic thinking & like-minds!”

Amber Eagles, Marketing Manager, Extend Technologies

“It was very nice to see you in Beijing. The training you provided us meant a lot to me since I could review my long standing marketing ideas logically, which made me recognize some new elements, points or different angle to optimize the marketing efforts. Having seen the inconsistent marketing strategy by country (it’s been in process of the improvement though), I’m very happy that your training on top of the training #1 is going to be the consistent fundamental knowledge and concept around our region. Thank you very much again.”

Noriko Okamura, Director APJ GEO Marketing.

“In 3 days align.me solidified and clarified what I have been fumbling through for 13 years. Amazing.”

Matt Lovegrove, Senior Manager (SGM), Ernst & Young

“Gave a very thorough understanding and demonstration of how businesses can generate revenue through very simple yet very effective processes.”

Ranald Schulz, Ernst & Young

“I was unaware, then disturbed…I left enlightened to implement a great process that will change clients’ lives forever.”

Rebecca Joyce, Senior Manager (SGM), Ernst & Young