2-day course to learn best practice on key B2B marketing tactics

Next Session: Wed 15th & Thu 16th February 2017, Melbourne

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A great strategy means nothing if it isn’t executed well. So tactics matter; but they need to be deliberately aligned to the strategy, and executed with rhythm. B2B Marketing Tactics Training: How to Select Tactics that Progress Buyers outlines how to translate your strategy into a series of actionable tactics to execute and evolve.

More details:

  • How to select the best tactics for each stage of your buyer’s journey, and how to build and execute them with precision. Although you’ll be introduced to a whole range of tactics, emphasis will be upon those that are proven to be the most powerful in business markets. You need to select tactics that work, drop those that don’t and execute them properly (over and over).
  • Tactics, including list management, direct mail, electronic DM, whitepapers, surveys, events, webinars, blogging, social media, search engine marketing (ads) and search engine optimisation.
  • How to achieve momentum, so that each contact with your buyer builds on the last, and how to do it without breaking your business (or the bank).
  • How to get the rest of the team on board. Your staff, bosses, peers from Marketing and colleagues from other departments; you need them all behind you.

B2B Marketing Tactics - Funnel Academy


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