2-day course to learn how to set b2b marketing strategies

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Many marketing professionals have big goals, but just don’t get a voice when it matters. B2B Marketing Strategies Training: How to Set Strategy for Business Markets outlines how to get a seat at the strategy table; and earn the right to stay there.

It details:

  • How to set, and guide, the overall strategy for the whole business. You need it to accelerate quickly from its current position, leave its competition for dead and be strong enough to last the distance.
  • How to set the go-to-market strategy for your products and services. This includes deciding how much effort to give each (and which to get rid of), how to balance your portfolio and how to alter your strategy when the market changes.
  • How to select and evolve your product, pricing, segmentation, channel and tactics; because what’s a great strategy one year can be a dud the next.
  • How to translate your strategy into a clear plan, and then into action; because you need to drive your killer strategy home with an execution to match.


B2B Marketing Strategies: How to set strategy for business markets - Funnel Academy

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