2-day workshop to learn how to dimension your funnel – b2b marketing sizing

The size of your sales funnel matters. B2B Marketing Sizing Training: How to Size the Funnel and Measure Progress outlines why, and how to get it right.

This Funnel Academy details:

  • How to determine how big the market needs to be for you to meet your revenue objectives. Armed with this new insight, you’ll decide whether to focus more narrowly, persevere with your current market or choose new markets to add.
  • What the most critical levers are for your funnel: volume, size and velocity, and what effect each of these has on your success.
  • How to build a model funnel with three different rates of effectiveness using starting measures drawn from other markets. You’ll then adjust this model using your own data (or assumptions) to understand the effect of each.
  • How, and where, to get reliable data to build your funnel model.
  • How to resolve the disconnects between what you want to achieve and what your model tells you is likely; in order to build a realistic picture of your future funnels.
  • How to measure actual progress so that you can know what you need to change, to keep on track, as you execute your funnel plans.

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Melbourne, 2017
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Price: $1750


B2B Marketing Sizing - Funnel Academy

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