2-day course to learn how to design and plan b2b marketing campaigns


The market needs to be ready to hear your message. Your demand generation efforts will fail if the market isn’t ready. By the same token, if you spend all your efforts getting the market ready and fail to follow through with demand generation, then it’s all for nothing. B2B Marketing Campaigns Training: How to Plan Campaigns that Move Buyers outlines how to condition the market; softening it up and positioning a strong brand, and how to follow that up with rhythmic demand generation.

It details:

  • What branding means for business, and how to create yours so that it’s respected and well positioned.
  • How to generate strong and constant demand. Creating too many leads is as much a problem as having too few. Therefore, you’ll learn how to generate the ‘right’ amount, and how to do it without turning your Marketing department inside out.
  • How businesses buy; and why Marketing and Sales need to be aligned.
  • How to adjust your strategy based on your execution plans; because sticking to a great strategy that you can’t execute well never works.
  • How to recruit the best channel to sell and create influence; because you need help to reach and influence your market.
  • How to align all stakeholders: Marketing, Sales and Channels around your plan.

B2B Marketing Campaigns - Funnel Academy


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