Our B2B marketing training workshops help business marketers with strategy, campaigns, tactics and measurement.

It’s currently frustrating for a B2B marketer who wants to become great. So much of the available marketing training and most of the marketing books are written about consumer marketing. It’s no wonder that business marketers leave money on the table with much of their marketing.

We drew on our deep consulting experience helping companies to grow, and build B2B marketing training that balances robust theory with grounded experience. We call it Funnel Academy. It’s a combination of classroom-style teaching, team workshops and peer networking, and offers B2B marketing professionals training in forming strategy, building campaigns, selecting tactics and measuring results.

B2B marketing training courses include:

b2b marketing campaigns

How to Set Strategy for Business Markets

Learn how to earn a seat at the strategy table and the right to stay there, how to set (and guide) strategy for the overall business, how to set go-to-market strategy for your products and services and how to evolve your strategy as the market changes, and how to execute it with precision.

How to Select Tactics that Progress Buyers

Learn how to align tactics to your strategy and execute them with rhythm, which tactics best suit each stage of your buyer’s journey, how to achieve momentum and what it takes to get the rest of your team behind you.

How to Size the Funnel and Measure Progress

Learn how big your market needs to be to meet your revenue objectives, what the critical levers are for your funnel, how to build a model funnel with reliable data and how to measure actual progress as you execute and evolve your funnel plans.

How to Plan Campaigns that Move Buyers

Learn how to condition the market before making your approach, what it takes to position a strong brand and create constant demand, how businesses buy, how to execute with precision and recruit the best channel for you and, in the process, how to align all stakeholders.

Purpose-built B2B marketing training

Taking marketers from strategy right through to execution, Funnel Academy consists of 32 modules, and is available in a number of flexible configurations. Choose from:

  • Our classic two-day courses;
  • Our new integrated short courses for marketers and managers; or
  • Create your own course from our 32 modules.

The courses cherry-pick the best of the existing strategy and tactics models from thought leaders like Collins, Porter, Moore, Ries, BCG, and McKinsey, and translates each of them into very practical how-to steps.

With over 300 customer acquisition engagements across five continents to our name, you would expect lots of the content to be original too. And it is. align.me has an enviable reputation around the world as a marketing thought leader, and our core methodology – Funnel Logic – is the glue that binds together the ideas of these other thought leaders.

Each module is a deliberate blend of strong content and practical learning, so you can translate the ideas into personal clarity by applying the ideas to your own business in facilitated workshops.

New Short Courses

Funnel Management for Marketers

b2b funnel management

In this 2-day course for marketers, learn how to formulate a powerful marketing strategy that the whole team buys into, translate it into action, and hit the numbers you need to achieve your business’s growth objectives.

Funnel Management for Managers

b2b funnel management

In our specialised 1-day course for managers, learn how to tightly focus your strategy to target the market that’s right for you, how to best allocate your resources, and what you need to do to bring your strategy to life.

Create your own courses

The flexible structure of Funnel Academy allows you to build a course that’s tailored to your business’s specific needs. Each of the 32 modules offered is drawn from one of the four fundamental areas of B2B marketing:

  • Setting and executing strategy;
  • Sizing the funnel and measuring effectiveness;
  • Building campaigns to generate demand; and
  • Selecting tactics to progress buyers through their journey.

Download our product overview for a full list of available modules.

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Proven B2B marketing training

Hugh Macfarlane is a seasoned marketing trainer, having now trained B2B marketers in New York, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Manchester, Paris, Brussells, Waldorf, Poznan, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The core of Funnel Academy is well-designed, and our public courses all follow the format described above. But you might have clear priorities or constraints that require us to bend our minds a little, and reshape the training to suit. For other clients, we have successfully run:

  • hybrid training – a blend of content from multiple modules,
  • accelerated agendas – 2-day courses packed into 1 day
  • custom agendas – we focus on a particular topic that is key to your team
  • partner training – marketers from many companies brought together by their vendor to gain new demand generation skills together.

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