Get the right-sized marketing resources to suit your budget and objectives

As your outsourced B2B marketing team, we’ll take care of all the marketing services you’d expect from a really big, really amazing internal team, but at just the right size for you.

Once you have a well-developed sales and marketing plan, the next step is to execute. If you don’t quite have the horsepower you need, we might be able to help.

That’s where our outsourced B2B marketing services come in. Unlike an agency that’s really, really good at one or two things, our outsourced B2B marketing services covers the lot. The difference is huge. We’ll do everything you’d expect an in-house marketer to do – not just one ‘fun’ thing.

Have a look at the list below. It’s a typical laundry list of all the things high-growth businesses need Marketing to do.

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • List Building & Cleansing

  • Outbound Emails and Letters

  • CRM Implementation

  • Marketing Automation

  • Conversion Optimisation and Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Blog Research and Copywriting

  • Sales Collateral and Proposals

  • Digital Analytics and Tracking

  • Websites and SEO

  • PPC and Search Engine Marketing

Our Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Outsourced B2B Marketing Services

Your very own outsourced Marketing department

You know that managing an in-house Marketing resource team is not a core competence. It is for us. We have around 20 companies who have outsourced their total marketing responsibility to us. Your getting a share of a well-drilled team. That means you get one marketer who really gets to understand your business, but he or she will be backed up by others who can step in when your point person is away, or maybe to lend some specialist skills from time to time.

Your marketer will be a graduate of Funnel Academy, will be actively mentored by a senior Marketing Manager, and will have served their ‘apprenticeship’ by driving’s own marketing and playing support roles for other clients. Depending on how much help you need, your lead marketer will likely be playing the same role in a few other non-competing companies too – so they have broader insights to bring to your marketing.

With Outsourced B2B Marketing Services, you get:

  • Strategic advice from the Funnel Coach who helped you develop your Funnel Plan;
  • Flexibility, with the ability to scale up or down as needed;
  • Total transparency in the form of weekly marketing updates;
  • Continual improvement via monthly priorities meetings and quarterly strategic reviews;
  • Access to the right blend of skilled marketing resources at a sensible commercial rate aligned to the needs of small-to-medium business; and
  • Most importantly, accountability to results.

A full-time Marketer

On your payroll, but recruited, trained and mentored by us.

Maybe you need more than a share of a person, but recruiting and training somebody is a lengthy process with horrible failure rates. So you want someone good, and you want to get traction quickly.

With Funnel People, we do the hard work for you. We will recruit, train and mentor the successful applicant for you.

After you choose your preferred applicant, we spend the next year training, mentoring and supporting your new full-time team member; ensuring they develop the skills required to execute and evolve your plan.

By the end of that year, you’ll be deep into the execution of your plan, and enjoying the valuable contribution of an emerging strategic-leader within your business.

As part of the Funnel People program, your team member will attend the entire Funnel Academy program; and learn all about setting strategy, building campaigns, sizing the funnel and selecting tactics.

They’ll also be mentored and supported by a bit of ‘grey hair’ guidance along the way. Formal mentoring will see them lock these new skills in, and apply them to your plan.

External Execution Manager

A seasoned manager spending 1-2 days a week keeping your full time marketer(s) on track and accountable to the things that matter.

Perhaps you have all the horsepower you need, but lack a leader to guide your team in the right direction.

In that case, we’ll give you a senior Marketing Manager 1-2 days a week to lead your team.

This Execution Manager will:

  • Oversee the general execution of your plan;
  • Mentor the less-experienced members of the team
  • Work with you on setting strategy and priorities for your marketing, but also for the development of your team

Your Execution Manager will develop a complete understanding of your business, and wil bring a thorough understanding of business to business sales and marketing. Deeply immersed in Funnel Logic, they have extensive experience in managing large teams as they undergo the execution of a single plan.

What our clients have to say:

“They challenge our thinking and are our marketing experts who will question our ideas and develop them into even better ideas and programs.”

Damian Menzies, Director, Choice Career Services

“By helping focus our marketing efforts, they have, in effect, advised on strategy too. Using that newly focused marketing and clear strategy, has enabled us to enunciate the problems we solve.”

Ben Dudley, Doctors Accounts Services

“Total commitment to helping the client achieve their goals.”

 Tim Dehn, Communciations Manager, Halcrow

“The discipline that brings to a business every day is a precise and disciplined way to achieve budget and to gain the position of market leader.”

Roger E. Marriott, Managing Director, Eximo

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