Past Funnel Camp participants speak of these changes


An exmaple of the one page, blisteringly clear, highly actionable plan that Funnel Camp delivers and our clients rave about


“There was light at the end of the funnel.”

“Great firmament of ideas which will be of use back at the branch.”

Jerry Coll, Sales Manager, Telco

“Condensed input from stakeholders to integrate plan to achieve short/long term goals.”

“Got far greater input to assist and far greater understanding of scope.”

Matthew Macdougall, Director, Leasing Company

“The benefit of Sales and Marketing being closely aligned and jointly developing a sound plan. Good understanding of Funnel logic process.”

Tony Robinson, BDM, Leasing Company

“A clear go to market Sales and Marketing strategy for this product.”

“Gave me an insight into marketing which I enjoyed.”

Michael McTeigue, Sales Manager, Telco

On using Funnel Camp to plan next market:

“(I will use Funnel Camp) to plan my market after next”,

“(You) need to attend a full event”.

Gavin Williams, General Manager Marketing, Telco

“Best planning program I have been a part of.”

Greg Sampson, National Sales & Marketing Director, Electronics

“A novel approach to getting the selling basics focused, aligned and actionable.”

Craig Hawkins, Regional Manager, Security services

“Foxtrot alpha bravo! Very beneficial for me – looking forward to writing up all the campaign briefs!”

Sally France, Segment Marketing Executive, Telco

“The Funnel Camp really opens your eyes to where you should collectively go as a team.”

Mark Speirs, Account Manager, Outsourcer

“Good fun, great progress for the company. Helped to align the groups within the company.”

Les Henry, Business Manager, Security services

“We thought we were experts at selling, until we attended this program. This thinking could double my income.”

Eddie Smith, Sales Consultant

“Highly recommended, structured means to develop and dimension one’s sales strategy.”

Philip Sykes, Managing Director, Telco

“Great process for managing the disparate issues between Sales and Marketing in a B2B environment.”

Josh Grace, Account Director, Ad Agency

“A new way of approaching and executing marketing.”

Daniel Jurczyszyn, Marketing Manager, Telco

“A targeted campaign for execution.”

Mel Neilson-Gerber, Marketing Manager, Telco

“Attractive one page output will be a very useful and easy to use tool to apply logic and measure success. Also, (it will) remind me of our focus.”

Joanne Cooper, Account Manager, Telco

“3 days for Sales people is tough and expensive. Great value from facilitators experience and knowledge.”

Stuart Pritchard, Sales Manager, Telco

“Allowed us to improve our understanding of our market and how we approach our potential clients understanding the value proposition.”

Mike Sewell, General Manager, Outsourcer

“Excellent delivery. Lots of insight about the funnel and the tactics.”

Yau Wong, General Manager Product Marketing, Telco

“The Funnel Camp really opens your eyes to where you should collectively go as a team.”

Mark Speirs, Account Manager, Outsourcer

“This was really valuable and has been an extremely-useful methodology. Being off-site and able to focus as a team was great.”

Michael Light, Managing Director, Training company

“We needed a Sales and Marketing plan. We needed the roadmap to achieve our goals and made that possible.”

Craig Rodda, Account Manager, Outsourcer

“A worthwhile, focussed, diligent and recommended approach. It’s about maximising the Sales and Marketing utility, given limited resources. The Funnel Camp will strongly assist in this regard.”

Paul Caruso, Business Analyst, Networking hardware

“We will look back on this event as a turning point in the company’s history.”

Carey McMahon, Chief Operating Officer, Security services

“An intense program packed with quality information that delivered a clear path and plan for the way forward. Delivered more than I had expected!.”

George Spink, Executive General Manager, Facilities Management

“Great course and framework! The collaboration and teamwork the camp naturally created was superb.”

Andrew Coffey, Sales Director, Publisher

“Great job engaging all participants, from CEO to controller and from sceptic to evangelist!.”

Karen Bacot, Marketing Director, Resort developer

“What a process! Painful and cathartic at times but extremely useful to get everyone thinking the same way.”

Peter Philip, CEO, Software

“Funnel Camp has provided me with due confidence of knowing that out marketing strategy has been thoroughly tested. I look for to due success.”

Michael Elwood, Not-for-profit

“Great work, excellent methodology! The notes provided a document I will return to for many years to come.”

Tim Bennett, Not-for-profit

“Fantastic, well organised and lead three days that saw our team produce a plan that we otherwise would not have put together”

Fiona Madigan, Not-for-profit

‘Sceptical at first, I found the Funnel Camp to be extremely valuable and I expect great results”

Andrew Moon, Software

“Excellent training – good focus. Highly recommended material”

Tony Loglisci, Software