B2B Planning

B2B planning for growth is something many businesses struggle with.

All too often Sales and Marketing are equipped with plans that aren’t actionable and don’t related to their overarching strategy. It’s no wonder these plans are often left to collect dust, or worse, are non-existent.

Sales and Marketing B2B planning is difficult.

Funnel Camp – B2B planning for growth

Funnel Camp™ aligns your sales and marketing leaders around a single plan; blisteringly clear and highly actionable; so the confusion that arises from separate marketing plans and sales plans is eliminated. Because they are busy and hard to get together, Funnel Camp centres around an intensive, 3-day workshop, with preparation before and a comprehensive plan for growth delivered to you afterwards.

The facilitated planning program specifically addresses the most common sales and marketing management issues in business today, and delivers you a highly-actionable sales and marketing plan to prosecute your strategy.

Strategy to Plan in 3 days

To get things clear before the Funnel Camp, we:

  • Distill your objectives and strategy;
  • Capture key metrics about your sales funnel; and
  • Introduce the sales and marketing planning system to your team via The Leaky Funnel (our easy-to-read business novel).

To translate your strategy into a clear plan, we then:

  • Bring key members of your team together for a three-day, sales and marketing planning workshop;
  • Model your sales and marketing funnel for the life of the plan;
  • Predict gaps in revenue, market size, effectiveness or sales/marketing resources for every stage of the plan;
  • Help you select optimum tactics for the execution of your sales and marketing plan; and
  • Set granular objectives for every tactic; for each stage of the plan.

And to help you translate this into action, we:

  • Document your sales and marketing plan as a Funnel Plan – a one page, blisteringly-clear, highly-actionable plan for growth;
  • Identify all actions necessary to prepare for the execution of your plan; and
  • Dispassionately review your sales and marketing plan, before it is rolled out to your team.

We can help you keep on track after Funnel Camp too:

  • Project manage your implementation;
  • Review progress with members of your team every quarter; and
  • Adjust your sales and marketing plan as required.

B2B Planning Funnel Plan

Funnel Camp delivers a clear and agreed sales and marketing plan in just three days.

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