B2B Marketing Coach

It’s hard on your own. You know all about your business, your customers and your competitors. You don’t have a large and complex team who need to plan together – it’s all up to you. But you don’t have lots of time.

Funnel Coach consists of 13 weeks of (almost) weekly sessions – 10 in all – in which you’ll build a disarmingly-simple, highly actionable plan for growth. Alongside your B2B Marketing coach, you’ll work hard, learn a lot, and emerge with actionable clarity.

Funnel Coach: A B2B Marketing coach for small business

A typical Funnel Coach session includes the following:

  1. We review your ‘homework’ (data or decisions you’ve prepared between sessions);
  2. We discuss and debate options, then reach a decision;
  3. We introduce the next decision framework, and the implications for your business are discussed; and
  4. We explain your next round of ‘homework’ and provide the necessary tools to help you think about the issue and collect data needed for the next decision.

After each session, your B2B Marketing coach will send an email confirming the decisions reached, re-explain the ‘homework’, and update the strategy and plan to that point.

Documentation and follow up time for the above emails and meeting scheduling are not charged; nor are brief phone calls to provide clarity when required.

Sessions are held via a web meeting at a mutually convenient time to ensure we are only charging for value-adding time (and not travel) and avoiding expenses that would be charged. And, at any point you can discontinue or defer your Funnel Coaching sessions.

Funnel Coach delivers:

  • Blisteringly clarity around your strategy;
  • Fresh insight from our experience with over 200 Sales and Marketing planning projects;
  • One-on-one support as you develop the strategic direction of your business; and
  • A highly actionable Sales and Marketing plan to prosecute your strategy.

Drop us a line and tell us a bit about your business.


Watch this short video to hear Hugh’s thoughts on the buyer’s journey, and how to generate demand from each stage.