Are you a Melbourne-based business looking to develop your sales team to drive profit?

We’ve compiled a list of some of Melbourne’s key sales training providers to help your business get on track and achieve tangible outcomes.

Gain the skills to build lasting, trustworthy relationships with customers that produce better outcomes and shorten the sales cycle. is a Melbourne-based company who offer a wide range of sales coaching workshops.

The Miller Heiman Sales System is’s chosen framework for performance-based sales training. This Sales System drives sales performance through disciplined processes to effectively create and manage opportunities, and manage accounts.

Workshops ranging from conversions, customer-focused interactions, and strategic selling are all designed to leverage proven methodologies, helping organisations conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes, and build trustworthy relationships with customers.

Find out more about this Melbourne-based sales training company below.

Sales Training Australia

Sales Training Australia specialises in the design and implementation of tailored sales training for corporate clients and SME’s.

Their courses address wide aspects of sales processes and team motivation and offer in-house training at any local or international location. Their public workshops are conducted on a regular basis in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane covering a variety of essential sales skills.

Sales Training Australia can assist your sales team to have a better understanding of their personal sales centricity and friction points that lead to lost opportunities on a large scale.

Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training believe a company’s sales force is the frontline for revenue generation and growth. Therefore it’s imperative that a sales team is effective, efficient and has the ability to find and close sales opportunities, no matter what the industry.

Their course provides you, or your team, with the skills to increase their outcomes by asking better questions, gaining loyal repeat customers, understanding common body language, overcoming common sales objections, finding referral opportunities and growing the business with professionalism and…

Odyssey Training

Odyssey Training deliver short courses for frontline staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and on-site for private groups across Australia, with additional software courses running every few weeks at public training venues.

Odyssey offer total training solutions that enable staff to sharpen their skills and improve workplace operations so that organisational outcomes are met.

They undertake pre and post course analyses so that learning outcomes are met.

Evaluation forms, feedback questionnaires and trainer’s reports provide them with feedback to continually develop content and approach.

BOOM! Sales

BOOM! Sales describe themselves as an inspiring and impactful sales training company. BOOM! Sales partner with and empower market leading organisations to drive sales growth and profitability. Their training is loaded with fresh, interactive and engaging skills and tools for any team.

BOOM! Sales has the capability, experience and team to deliver a fully customised, full-services model. Their team deliver facilitation, program design, consulting, sales performance and change management.