So, you’ve completed the Funnel Mastery workshop. Need some help?

Congratulations! You’ve learned new Funnel Management best practices and had a few older ones reinforced, and you have applied them to your business. No doubt you’re chomping at the bit to start execution. Where, exactly, do you start? We can offer a little B2B planning support.

Partners often tell us they’re excited, but a little daunted by the decisions baked into their Funnel Plan:

  • “During Funnel Mastery, we learned some powerful concepts. But I made decisions quickly and I’d like to revisit some.
  • How do I get my colleagues on board?”
  • “Wow! I’ve got 90% of it right, I think, but I’m now worried my tactics aren’t quite right for us / our market.”

Or, you might be happy with your plan, but unsure about execution:

  • “I don’t know what to do first / where the quick wins will be.”
  • “We don’t have sufficiently-trained resources to execute this. How can I ramp capability?”
  • “I know there’s a big difference between ‘getting it’ in the workshop and ‘getting it’ back home. This is a big change. How can I really embed this change within my business?”

Don’t let uncertainty or lack of resources get in the way of acting decisively on your plan, or risk execution being done poorly or not at all. As the inventors of the Buyer’s Journey and creators of Funnel Mastery workshop, we know exactly what to do to get your execution, recycling, and nurture going quickly. We can help:

Make your plan perfect (and agreed):

  • We can review and finalise your plan with you
  • Run your own private Funnel Mastery workshop to re-build your Funnel Plan with other stakeholders in the room, or build a Funnel Plan for a new market.
  • Or we can make your license to use the Funnel Plan software permanent so you can evolve your plan yourself.

Build the execution plan, and provide loads of execution tips

    • Translate your plan into a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic

    Kick it off for you:

    • Implement your nurture campaign for you, run it twice to get it perfect, document a personalised ‘how to’ for your staff to take it over

    Help you drive the change: