A day in the life of an align.me
Digital Marketer

Every day will be busy, challenging, and exciting from start to finish. Our “digi’s” (as they’re fondly known) wear a lot of different hats, owning every stage of a campaign from planning, to execution, to reporting. In any day you could be working one-on-one with clients, getting on the tools, or working closely with our internal specialists to bring ideas to life.

We’re on the lookout for someone who:

  • Always challenges the status quo

  • Is a multitasking machine

  • Constantly identifies opportunities for clients

  • Communicates with insane clarity
  • Is personally accountable – not one to ‘pass the buck’

  • Understands that our job is to deliver outcomes, not ‘do stuff’

  • Doesn’t know the meaning of ‘giving up’

How do we help you become the best at
what you do?

A free reign

You’re in charge of your own clients and your own campaigns, so you’ll get a lot of freedom to plan and execute them how you want. Keen to try something new? We’ll encourage you and share in what you learn.

Identify your strengths

It’s important to have a wide set of marketing skills, but if you have a specific area of marketing you’re skilled in (or interested in becoming skilled in), we’ll help you nurture it and constantly improve until you’re a bona fide master.

Inclusivity and collaboration

We’re a small team, and a tight one. Everyone has their own skills and strengths, so we are big on helping each other out, sharing knowledge, and setting everyone up to succeed.

Training and support

You’ll get a lot of freedom and be held to high expectations, but you won’t be in it alone. We’re committed to supporting and upskilling our staff to ensure they’re always learning, improving, and thriving.

You’ll master everything you need to become a
well-rounded B2B marketer

Effective campaign and
strategy planning

Marketing tools execution

Client liaison and management

Collaboration & teamwork

Understanding and
implementing the right

Analysis and reporting

We never settle

And because we never settle, we are always on the lookout for great marketers who have a bit of experience but are looking for a real breakthrough.

Think that you’d be a perfect match?

You’re already in a great job so you’re busy. We’re busy looking after great clients and a great team, so we are too. But we’ve definitely got time for you. Your call. Want to talk?

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