Leaky Funnel - A book for sales and marketing professionals

The Leaky Funnel is a book about funnel management authored by Hugh Macfarlane. This is written as a business novel, and is packed with key arguments for a major change in the way businesses organise and manage their combined Sales and Marketing funnel.

The central argument, that the way businesses manage their sales funnel should centre around the buyer – not the seller – is based on Hugh’s 20 years-plus experience in working with and advising investors, Boards, CEOs, Directors of Sales or Marketing, and other senior managers with products or services that are complex to sell.

The new funnel management framework proposed in this book has now been well proven by leading businesses as a means of accelerating the effectiveness of their endeavours to earn more customers.

The Leaky Funnel is available in many popular formats:

Paperback from Amazon

Kindle from Amazon

Digital format for Apple, Android, and Windows

Like a peek inside? Download a synopsis (PDF 286k)