Want to revisit your Funnel Plan before you start executing?

One of our experienced Funnel Coaches will work closely with you to review your Funnel Plan, leverage our global experience, and ensure it’s purpose-built for generating demand with your target market, and ready to execute. It’s all about getting ready for change, so you may wish to involve colleagues in this process. We will:

  • Review your Funnel Plan looking for gaps, questions and recommendations
  • Meet with you (face to face or by web meeting) to:
    • Review our recommendations with you
    • Revisit any areas you’re concerned about, and resolve them with you
    • Update and complete your plan (including your tactics roadmap) with the improvements agreed during the review.

The result? Your plan will be stress-tested and fully resolved, and you’ll be ready to execute.

This is one of a series of services designed to help you to embed Funnel Logic for best practice funnel management after your participation in the Funnel Mastery Workshop. Here are the others:

Make your plan perfect (and agreed):

  • We can review and finalise your plan with you
  • Run your own private Funnel Mastery workshop to re-build your Funnel Plan with other stakeholders in the room, or build a Funnel Plan for a new market.
  • Or we can make your license to use the Funnel Plan software permanent so you can evolve your plan yourself.

Build the execution plan, and provide loads of execution tips

  • Translate your plan into a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic

Kick it off for you:

  • Implement your nurture campaign for you, run it twice to get it perfect, document a personalised ‘how to’ for your staff to take it over

Help you drive the change: