Want to keep evolving your Funnel Plan on your own after Funnel Mastery Workshop?

In Funnel Mastery Workshop you validated your objectives, turned your strategy inside out by making it buyer-centric, identified the velocity you will need to create to meet your objectives, and selected the best tactics to achieve momentum with your market.

You made these decisions quickly, so you already have access to Funnel Plan for 30 days after Funnel Mastery Workshop to make changes with a little more care. Ongoing access to Funnel Plan allows you to:

  • Keep evolving your plan as execution experience tells you what is working and what needs to be reconsidered
  • Access all the training videos that explain how to apply Funnel Management best practice to every aspect of your plan
  • Unlock additional features not used in Funnel Mastery Workshop like:
    • Competitive analysis and strategy setting
    • Replace your solo analysis of problems with multi-user rating to enjoin the management team’s views
    • Customise the tagging of tactics so you can code different tactic types (e.g. inbound vs, outbound, or Marketing-led vs. Sales-led)
    • Change the stage names used to describe the Buyer’s Journey

…or perhaps you just want to build a plan for another market (or two). Either way, the Funnel Plan license lets you evolve your plan as you gain understanding of what’s working and what needs to change. You can grant access to your plan and our help videos for your whole team, some of your team (with some being view-only), or fly solo – as you prefer.

A small one-time fee of $300 kicks your plan off, and gives you the ability to add unlimited collaborators for the first 90 days. A ‘peppercorn’ hosting fee of $5 every month keeps your plan live, and includes the primary user’s access. Additional collaborators may continue to access to your plan for $2 a month after the first 90 days (free before then), and view-only users may be added for free whenever you want.

The result? A living plan that you evolve with experience, include others in your thinking, then print out and hang with pride in the office so the whole team lives the integrated Sales and Marketing plan.

This is one of a series of services designed to help you to embed Funnel Logic for best practice funnel management after your participation in the Funnel Mastery Workshop. Here are the others:

Make your plan perfect (and agreed):

  • We can review and finalise your plan with you
  • Run your own private Funnel Mastery workshop to re-build your Funnel Plan with other stakeholders in the room, or build a Funnel Plan for a new market.
  • Or we can make your license to use the Funnel Plan software permanent so you can evolve your plan yourself.

Build the execution plan, and provide loads of execution tips

  • Translate your plan into a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic

Kick it off for you:

  • Implement your nurture campaign for you, run it twice to get it perfect, document a personalised ‘how to’ for your staff to take it over

Help you drive the change: