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With over 300 customer acquisition engagements across four continents to our name, we’re renowned for our exclusive, true-to-life knowledge of B2B sales and marketing. Exploring areas including Setting Strategy, The Buyer’s Journey, Sizing the Funnel, Selecting Tactics, and Measurement there’s sure to be something of use to everyone seeking ideas for better B2B marketing and sales funnel management.

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How to build a sales and marketing plan

With 250 projects completed across 4 continents, we’ve learnt a lot about successful sales and marketing planning. In How to build a sales and marketing plan you’ll find the ten proven steps to building your own sales and marketing plan for growth.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Report

In late 2013, we teamed up with Marketo to study the Sales and Marketing alignment practices of over 500 companies. Our 2005 research shaped the alignment debate around the world. What we learned in 2013 will rock us all again! We reveal unexpected findings and employ you with techniques that deliver:

  • 67% higher probability that marketing-generated leads will close
  • 108% better lead acceptance
  • 209% stronger contribution to revenue from marketing-generated leads

With a twist at every turn, this is a must-read, highly actionable report that you’ll want everyone in your business to read, digest, and read again. Get your copy here. 

The Leaky Funnel, and other books we love

In The Leaky Funnel, you’ll find a summary of the highly acclaimed marketing strategy book, written by align.me’s founder, Hugh Macfarlane. This highly acclaimed business novel argues for a major change in the way businesses organise and manage their combined Sales and Marketing resources; and ensures superior funnel management.

In Other books we love, you’ll find a kick-butt list of the best business and marketing strategy books. Top picks include Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey Moore, SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham, and Good to Great by Jim Collins. For any executive interested in Sales, Marketing or funnel management, our list of books contains many ‘must reads’.


Why you should give a damn about Sales and Marketing Alignment

align.me’s Brett Bonser is joined by Chuck Besondy of Besondy Consulting, to share with you the highlights of our 2013 research into Sales and Marketing alignment. Team members from the Hardbits Corporation – of Leaky Funnel fame – will also join us during this webinar to discuss their unique challenges in aligning Marketing and Sales for growth. Watch the webinar here. 


Top 10 findings from the Sales and Marketing Alignment Report

In this webinar, align.me founder and CEO Hugh Macfarlane, shares the ten most compelling and statistically valid findings from this exciting study. Watch the webinar here. 

Sales Funnel Calculator

In Funnel Calculator, you can calculate – for free – how many sales you can generate from a given number of prospects, or alternatively, how many prospects you need to achieve a given number of sales. Funnel Calculator is a great tool for sales funnel management.