Your experience as a sales and marketing professional has already given you strong and grounded insights into what works and what doesn’t. And because you’re an avid reader / student of great B2B sales and marketing, you’ve got all the theories down pat. But there’s a substantial gap in the market, and you might be just the person to fill it. Sales and marketing alignment remains a top priority for 1 in 3 of the C-suite of global businesses, despite (or perhaps because of) a shrinking global market.

Poor alignment is one of the most common causes of an underperforming sales & marketing engine.

So much of the available marketing training and most of the marketing books are written about consumer marketing. It’s no wonder that business marketers leave money on the table with much of their marketing, and those in B2B sales often hold Marketing with polite disregard. As a result, the gap between sales and marketing remains on the a-list of the c-suite globally.

Our personal experience mirrors this research. So has focused on helping businesses to fix this gap, and it’s been quite a journey:

  • We wrote The Leaky Funnel (over 10,000 copies sold);
  • We conducted a detailed study of 1400 businesses and uncovered that aligned businesses grow 5.4% points faster than their non aligned competitors;
  • We’ve published many articles, and presented in conferences large and small on the issue of alignment.
  • We’ve developed, productised and delivered globally, a range of planning and training services to help business to accelerate their growth by aligning Sales and Marketing.

In 2009, we shifted our focus to help even more businesses to resolve the alignment gap by expanding our ability to serve customers globally through a channel of accredited deliverers we refer to as Funnel Coaches. With over 350 projects completed across five continents, we’ve learnt that alignment, and growth, comes from:

  • A clear plan that Sales and Marketing build together. We’ve built a process called Funnel Camp™ that aligns the team around a blisteringly clear and highly actionable plan.  It’s fully documented on a single page, and outlines the steps to earning new customers.
  • Highly skilled B2B marketers who can both build, and execute, the plan with precision.  When we discovered this, we found there was nowhere for B2B marketers to get these skills.  This is when we developed Funnel Academy™; specialised B2B marketing training.

So here’s the opportunity for you, or a friend…We know there’s a gap in the market.  In January 2009 we worked with our new planning distributor and 5 great new training partners in North America to get them ready to help their clients to grow. The training was wildly successful (for us both), and we see a substantial gap in the market. But not everyone’s in a position to fill that gap.

Since then we have appointed a total of 70 Funnel Coaches ranging from solo professionals to senior managers inside large corporates. Our most successful Funnel Coaches have come from larger firms where they have a large client base they are already serving and see the’s Funnel Camp and Funnel Academy as useful additions to their offerings.

If the opportunity to sell or deliver’s planning and training is not for you right now, please think about a sales and marketing professional who you know that may benefit from this opportunity. All we ask is that you forward a link to this page, and if your contacts have any questions, we’d love to talk with them.

To become an accredited seller and / or deliverer of our proven B2B planning and training, here’s what you do:

  • Convince yourself that your skills and experience in sales is valuable and already respected
  • Convince us of the same – you will not succeed if you can’t sell, and you will not be credible to your market if you don’t have deep experience selling or managing sales teams. This is obviously true for Funnel Camp where Sales and Marketing get together to build their revenue-acquisition plan, but it’s also true for Funnel Academy where you are teaching B2B marketers how to generate new revenue for and with their Sales counterparts.
  • Negotiate a date for an accreditation event. We are very selective, and only run this training 3 or 4 times a year somewhere in the world. We’ve done this many times in Minneapolis, New York,  San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Manchester, Sydney, Singapore, but we only run a course when we have a quorum of smart and experienced professionals. We are more interested in a small number of great Funnel Coaches than spreading the market too thinly.

We’ll spend a week training you in these services, and how to deliver them. Then after the training, we’ll sit right along-side you for as long as it takes to ensure your success. For you; you would only want to be associated with B2B training and planning that was proven, recognised, purpose built for B2B marketing professionals, and in demand. And it would help if there was assistance to sell and deliver in the right quality and quantity too, right?

Build the client’s plan, or give them the skills to do it themselves

Over 350 projects across five continents, we’re now offering you the opportunity to sell or deliver this world-leading B2B marketing training and planning.

  1. Our logo board speaks volumes. Across 500 projects, we have accumulated zealous advocates in senior Sales and Marketing roles in major global corporations.
  2. Clients rave. Our workshops are often described as a ‘cathartic’ moment. The clarity that emerges, the alignment to the plan of action, and the advanced B2B skills that participants acquire, delivers testimonials and case studies that make us blush.
  3. Our processes are already proven in the channel. Our leading channel is the consulting arm of Ernst & Young.  They have built a highly-visible new business around helping businesses to align Sales and Marketing. We have a distribution partner in North America, and a number of agents selling and delivering throughout Australia and the US. - Make your B2B marketing count


If you believe you can find and sell great B2B training & planning, then you may wish to consider becoming a sales consultant. You’ll earn 20% commission on any sale of Funnel Academy (training) or Funnel Camp (planning).  You’ll also be trained and supported in the selling process. We’ll take care of all of the delivery and billing, help you with your proposals, and provide you with the sales tools you need to succeed. For your business contacts that aren’t quite ready to buy now, we’ll also handle the nurturing to keep you on their radar until they are ready to talk to you again.

There’s no fee to become a sales consultant, but we’ll ask you to keep your business plan up to date so we can support you properly.

You’ll have a network of deliverers you can draw on to meet geographical needs, or you can become accredited and deliver yourself.


As you’d expect, we’re pretty fussy about quality of delivery. So if you’d like to become accredited to deliver Funnel Academy or Funnel Camp, we’ll give you mountains of support. You’ll attend three solid days of product training, and two full days of delivery training.

Your accreditation fee of US$10,000 covers all five days of training and workbooks, and will be quickly repaid in your first few deliveries. We’ll provide breakfast and lunch each day, plus a team dinner one night, but any travel, accommodation and other out-of-pocket costs to attend the training are yours. Once accredited, you’ll be able to deliver world-leading B2B marketing training and planning to your clients.


You’ll then have the ideas, but delivery is a different gig all together. So to support you, we’ll send one of our Master Coaches who will carry most of the load on your first delivery. You’ll deliver a few of the modules, but will have lots of time to watch and learn too.

Then for your second engagement, you’ll be front and centre, but your Master Coach will be there to share the load, catch you if you fall, and to give you lots of coaching and feedback. Then you’ll be an accredited Funnel Coach and can deliver training on your own – without support (unless you ask). There are 32 modules of Funnel Academy training (each module takes 1/4 of a day) that can be arranged into any order for customised courses, and a typical Funnel Camp is three days, so there are plenty of delivery opportunities.

You can sell the planning and training you intend to deliver if you become a Funnel Coach, and make margin on the IP and your delivery fees. But if you just want to deliver, we’ll buddy you up with sales consultants who can sell the work; leaving you to focus on buyers.

Next steps

If you are interested in becoming either a sales consultant or an accredited Funnel Coach, let’s talk. We only want to work with people we feel can succeed, and you’d only want to invest your time if you had the same view. So our first step is to work out if there is a good-enough win in this for us both.

Drop us a line, and let’s talk.