Happy with your plan, but need to get it started?

You will remember from the Funnel Mastery Workshop, we recommended implementing a rhythmic eDM nurturing campaign for your existing contacts. Remember them? The ones who you did all that work to position with, understand, but couldn’t get a project up with right away? You need to stay positioned with them and slowly influence their concept of what they need. Demand Generation’s most potent successes come from gaining trust and shaping demand. To get a nurturing program in place for you fast, we will:

  • Provide an introductory video detailing secrets to rhythmic nurture campaigns, and outlining what to expect and the preparation work required
  • Help you to source potential assets, and then make recommendations about the most powerful assets (e.g. white papers, videos, etc.)
  • Once agreed with you, make modifications to these assets and craft supporting copy as required (e.g. emails, landing pages, confirmation copy)
  • Clean your existing list to ensure optimal results
  • Send the nurture emails on your behalf, manage bounces, and report on progress
  • Make minor changes based on the result of this first wave
  • Repeat for a second round of nurture emails to ensure we’ve got the process working well for you
  • Build a customised ‘how to’ video, outlining exactly what we did to get your demand generation going, what we learned from your first two waves, how to improve this for the future, and how you can do that for yourself including how to take the next steps
  • Meet with you one quarter later to review results, and recommend any changes required

The result? Hit the ground running with a rhythmic eDM nurturing campaign targeted at generating demand with your existing contacts, then continue the campaign yourself by following a thorough, documented process.

This is one of a series of services designed to help you to embed Funnel Logic for best practice funnel management after your participation in the Funnel Mastery Workshop. Here are the others:

Make your plan perfect (and agreed):

  • We can review and finalise your plan with you
  • Run your own private Funnel Mastery workshop to re-build your Funnel Plan with other stakeholders in the room, or build a Funnel Plan for a new market.
  • Or we can make your license to use the Funnel Plan software permanent so you can evolve your plan yourself.

Build the execution plan, and provide loads of execution tips

  • Translate your plan into a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic

Kick it off for you:

  • Implement your nurture campaign for you, run it twice to get it perfect, document a personalised ‘how to’ for your staff to take it over

Help you drive the change: