What can you expect from
training together?

Our specialised 1-day Sales & Marketing training helps your leaders decide where they should direct their marketing effort, and guides your teams through the process of building a strong go-to-market plan to execute.

It’ll cover:

  • How – and why – to focus your strategy to target the market that’s right for you, and why a narrower focus is more effective

  • How – and why – to focus your strategy to target the market that’s right for you, and why a narrower focus is more effective

  • How Management can allocate resources effectively, and how to set a firm budget according to the needs and value of the market

  • How to translate your strategy to action, and how to build a plan that integrates team collaboration and best practiceEvery team and business is different, so the training can (and should) be moulded to fit your needs, goals, and constraints best.

Who should attend a B2B
Marketing workshop?

Sales and Marketing Teams

If you’re keen to get both teams together to sit down, collaborate and learn, then we can make it happen. This workshop can be facilitated to have leading members (or all members) of your teams take part together.

Sales & Marketing Managers

Sales and Marketing Managers will be provided the tools and know-how to go back and lead their teams more efficiently and collaboratively, make better use of resources and better support their team members.

Business Leaders

CEO’s, Executives, or those with a firm grasp of their commercial environment and a good knowledge of Marketing will find the knowledge and experience shared in this training will enhance your skills and up results within your business.

Looking for something more?
We’ve got you covered


We can offer you a planning approach scaled to meet your needs and your budget. From do it yourself, to a 6-month change program, and steps in-between.

Sales Training

We can help your achieve income at the highest level of your industry, shorten the sales cycle and deliver customer satisfaction utilising Miller Heiman training techniques.


Learn how to formulate a powerful marketing strategy that the whole team buys into, translate it into action, and hit the numbers you need to achieve growth.

Marketing for

Learn how to tightly focus your strategy to target the market that’s right for you, how to best allocate your resources, and how to bring your strategy to life.

Explore options to lift your
team’s skills

Let’s understand where you are trying to take the skills of your marketing team and explore what options you have to get there.

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Note from your trainers

The Together training is where we really see the magic start to happen. It’s rare Sales and Marketing teams sit together with the sole purpose of looking at their own business through the opposite teams’ lens. Harder still is getting both teams marching to the same beat (we know, we’ve been there too).

By bringing both teams together with a shared strategy and understanding, suddenly the jarring conversations and mismatched conceptions are no longer barriers to your best campaigns. Seeing teams to start to click and understand each other on another level is exactly why we love this training. Seeing alignment happen in real time is a great day on the job for us. Teams leave the training with a new understanding of each other, and a new working rhythm and energy that’s hard to beat.

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