Training for Marketers

In our 2-day courses for marketers, you’ll learn how to formulate a powerful marketing strategy that the whole team buys into, translate it into action, and hit the numbers you need to achieve your business’s growth objectives.

Training for Managers

In our specialised 1-day course for managers, learn how to tightly focus your strategy to target the market that’s right for you, how to best allocate your resources, and what you need to do to bring your strategy to life.

Classic marketing training courses

In our B2B marketing training courses, you’ll learn how to:
Set strategy for business markets.
Plan campaigns that move buyers.
Size the funnel and measure progress.
Select tactics the progress buyers.

Who should attend a
B2B marketing workshop?

Funnel Academy has been designed for those who already have a firm grasp of their commercial environment, and a good working knowledge of Marketing.

You might be the CEO or head of Sales or Marketing for a small to medium-sized business. You could be a senior Sales or Marketing manager or professional in a larger firm. Whatever your position, Funnel Academy has something to offer.

The combination of knowledge, shared experience and workshops will enhance your skills and up results within your business.

Explore options to lift your
team’s skills

Let’s understand where you are trying to take the skills of your marketing team and explore what options you have to get there.

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Meet your trainer

Hugh Macfarlane is a seasoned and highly respected marketing trainer.

Hugh has over 20 years’ experience training marketers and managers across North and Central America, Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia and is (almost) famous for his clear and successful approach to B2B marketing. | Hugh Macfarlane

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