The market is now more competitive than ever

But Sales & Marketing are often on different planets. B2B buying journeys have always been more challenging and complex. But as customers’ needs continue to grow and change, and more businesses are jostling to provide them with a solution, Sales and Marketing teams need to work harder than ever before to position themselves in the market.

Sales and marketing alignment is one of the main issues faced by B2B companies worldwide. Why? The teams often have different goals and different ideas on how to go about reaching them. In an effort to ‘align’, they swap staff and try to be friends. Unfortunately, simply being nice to each other is not the solution to gaining Sales and Marketing alignment.

Why does alignment matter?

Sales and Marketing are often closely associated. But the roles each team carry out are unique and specific. So, it’s not uncommon that each team doesn’t really know what the other one does.

By aligning teams through proper training, the teams can learn to understand each other better, and start working together to reach mutual goals utilising their individual skillsets.

When there is agreement and understanding from the get-go, there’s more chance of everyone sticking to the plan and achieving success in the long run.

How do you achieve Sales &
Marketing alignment?

Alignment results from an integrated sales and marketing process, and from focused sales and marketing training that:

  • Aligns Sales and Marketing to the buyer (not each other);

  • Creates an agreed and end-to-end process that outlines how each will operate; and

  • Builds a common language and shared outcomes, strategies, processes, and measures.

Alignment delivers results

In our study of 1400 professionals across 84 countries, we found that businesses which achieve strong Sales andMarketing alignment are:

  • Outgrowing their competitors by 5.4%

  • 38% better at closing proposals

  • Churning 36% fewer customers each year

Align your sales and
marketing team today

The team at are expert marketing and sales planners for Australian businesses. Our training and planning programs can help foster alignment regardless of where your business or your teams are located.

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What did alignment look like in 2014?

In late 2013, we teamed up with Marketo to study the Sales and Marketing alignment practices of over 500 companies. Our 2005 research shaped the alignment debate around the world. What we learned in 2013 rocked us all again! We reveal unexpected findings and employ you with techniques that deliver:

  • 67% higher probability that marketing-generated leads will close,

  • 108% better lead acceptance, and

  • 209% stronger contribution to revenue from marketing-generated leads.

Our original landmark sales and Marketing Alignment report

In 2005 we published our first report into alignment, produced in 2004 in partnership with Eloqua. In a study of 1400 professionals from 84 countries we found that businesses which enjoy strong Sales and Marketing alignment are:

  • Outgrowing their competitors by 5.4%

  • 38% better at closing proposals

  • Churning 36% fewer customers each year

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