The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyers Journey is a term first coined by Hugh Macfarlane in The Leaky Funnel. It recognises that business buyers don’t just wake up one day and decide to purchase something – they go through a journey of several steps to get there.

From not knowing they have a problem, to deciding how to solve it, your buyers are on a journey, and you need to go on it with them.

Marketing is a crucial means of identifying and managing the steps in your Buyers Journey.

We can help you turn these
ideas into realities

A good plan

We’ll help you build a one-page sales & marketing plan, with three years’ worth of clear tactics and strategies to help your business grow.

Well executed

Once you have your plan nailed, we can help you to execute. We’re a fully-outsourced, end-to-end marketing department for growing businesses.

Hear what some of our clients have to say

“They challenge our thinking and are our marketing experts who will question our ideas and develop them into even better ideas and programs.”

Damian Menzies
Director, Choice Career Services

“In 3 days solidified and clarified what I have been fumbling through for 13 years. Amazing.”

Matt Lovegrove
Senior Manager, Professional Services

“Any marketer looking to hone their marketing skills should give a call.”

Malcolm Hamilton
Channel Marketing Manager, ERP Software

It all starts with a clear plan

Funnel Plan is the sale sand marketing plan-building software that gives you the power to develop your own clear strategy, with expert guidance built in.

Feed in some details about your sales process, your customers and your marketing goals, and it’ll give you the strategy and tactics you need to nail you Sales and Marketing strategy.

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