B2B Sales and marketing alignment

You could have the best sales and marketing teams on the planet. But if they’re not aligned, their success will be limited.

Sales and Marketing alignment is one of the biggest problems for businesses globally. Simply because they don’t know what true alignment is –or how to get it.

Sales and Marketing alignment is more than two teams playing nice. Discover more about aligning your teams to drive mutual success.

The Leaky Funnel

Funnel Management. The Buyers Journey. The right marketing tactics. All come together in a… novel?

The Leaky Funnel is a business novel written by align.me founder Hugh Macfarlane that discusses why it’s the buyer (not that seller) that sales funnel should centre on.

The new funnel management framework proposed in this book has now been well proven by leading businesses as a means of accelerating the effectiveness of their endeavours to earn more customers.


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