Don’t let a flawed process sabotage your success

Our experience has proven it:adopting a clear, comprehensive, expert sales and marketing process produces gratifying results. We’ve seen it lift lead acceptance by 108% and marketing-generated revenue by 129%.

Yet far too many B2B companies have no formal sales and marketing process — let alone an effective, expert one.

Go-to-market planning needs rigour, insight, and clarity

You may be part of a big team trying to reconcile lots of conflicting opinions and competing priorities. Or perhaps a smaller, tighter-knit group, but strapped for planning time or expertise.

Whatever your organisational or planning challenges, Funnel Plan™ will ease the strain–guiding you smoothly through even the most complex considerations to get to the go-to-market strategy right for you.

Who needs a team of expensive consultants?
Communicate your go-to-market plan like a pro

FunnelPlan translates your decisions into the concise, compelling communications you need to get your plans understood and embraced, and turn them into action.

30 slide PowerPoint presentation

One click and FunnelPlan will build a compelling 15-slide PowerPoint presentation you can use to get all your stakeholders onboard.

1-page go-to-market plan summary

One more click and you’ve got a clever, concise graphic summary of your strategy to keep it simple and front of mind with everyone involved.

Brief for every sales and marketing tactic

Choose from a library of campaign briefs for every tactic, with baked-in best practice from B2B masters.

How can FunnelPlan help you?

  • Helps you sort through a plethora of sales and marketing ideas and options

  • Crafts, designs, and helps you continuously update professional documentation to share with your stakeholders

  • Uses best practice to help you turn big picture strategies into detailed tactical briefs

  • Give you a consolidated view of how your strategy aligns with broader business objectives

Get tens of thousands worth of sales and
marketing expertise and guidance — for 50% off the annual fee

Funnel Plan gives you everything you need to power your own world-class sales and marketing process for a full year.

FunnelPlan features

User friendly software

Best practice methodology and customer-centricity built into every step of the software

Team collaboration

Ability to invite unlimited plan collaborators and viewers

Analysis & tracking

Detailed analysis tools and velocity tracking for every step of the buyer’s journey

Customised support

Comprehensive help guides, support and personalised coaching


World-class data security with 2040-bit SSL encryption

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients say

“With FunnelPlan, we find that companies really appreciate the structured approach that guides their thinking on planning, setting and aligning to goals, and choosing right tactics with the most efficient use of their resources. Our clients find it to be a great tool that uses a step-by-step approach to formulating an actionable plan, that can be easily updated during the year.”

Francois Delvaux
Partner at Minds & More,
Brussels, Belgium

“FunnelPlan has helped me generate real clarity for my clients around their go-to-market strategy. The guided thinking creates clear insights into their businesses, and the software allows my clients to quickly develop a live plan that they can work on instantly. It works really, really well, and I get a kick from having experienced, ‘been-there-done-that’ executives tell me so.”

Chris Fell
Founder at g2m Solutions,
Sydney, Australia

It all starts with a clear plan

Is FunnelPlan right for you? You won’t truly know until you try.

Try it out for free and discover a new way to build powerful, actionable go-to-market plans.

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Not sure you want to do it on your own?
Let us help you to build your go-to-market plan

Funnel Coach

Do it on the phone

Funnel Coach™ consists of 10 web-based sessions over 13 weeks, in which you’ll receive one-on-one help to build a simple, actionable plan for growth. You’ll work hard, learn a lot, and emerge with clarity.

Funnel Camp

Do it in a room

A 3-year marketing plan. A 2-day workshop. All displayed on one page. Funnel Camp gathers your sales and marketing teams into a workshop to align your sales and marketing leaders around a single plan.

Funnel Camp Remote

Do it on Zoom

If your team work remotely, you can still benefit from our 2-day Funnel Camp workshop. You’ll get all the benefits, but will switch in-person to virtual, gathering your teams over Zoom.

Funnel Mastery

Make it stick

Funnel Mastery is Funnel Camp plus six months of execution support. We meet with your sales and marketing team every month. We drive them hard to execute your plan, support them when they need mentoring, and keep them aligned to the plan.

Don’t want to wait?