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Funnel Camp

Bring your sales and marketing leadership team together with one of our Funnel Coaches for a three-day in-person workshop – Funnel Camp which we also deliver remotely over five half days. Funnel Camp is a facilitated planning program that deep dives into your business offering, your customers, and your goals to deliver a clear and customised sales and marketing plan.

6 months coaching

Once your funnel plan is finalised, it won’t execute itself. To make sure it sticks and to keep you on track, our experienced funnel marketers will help you translate your plan into a prioritised action plan, provide great guidance on how to implement these tactics, and help you understand what needs to be done, when, and by whom.

The advantages of coaching

Ongoing Support

Your Funnel Coach will coach you and any other key leaders on your plan’s execution every week or every month until you feel your business has mastered the funnel.

Drive Execution

Your Funnel Coach will help you identify all the tasks necessary to translate your plan into action based on the objectives, strategy, velocity, and tactics you chose, and build a prioritised task list with execution tips for every tactic.

Track your progress

Get expert guidance on how you’re tracking against your objectives, when to change or adapt your tactics and how to steer your team back on track if they start to drift.

Coaching can be carried out in the mode
that suits you and your team best

Funnel Coach

Do it on the phone

Funnel Coach™ consists of 10 web-based sessions over 13 weeks, in which you’ll receive one-on-one help to build a simple, actionable plan for growth. You’ll work hard, learn a lot, and emerge with clarity.

Funnel Camp

Do it in a room

A 3-year marketing plan. A 2-day workshop. All displayed on one page. Funnel Camp gathers your sales and marketing teams into a workshop to align your sales and marketing leaders around a single plan.

Funnel Camp Remote

Do it on Zoom

Like the face-to-face feel but are based remotely? Take your coaching online with sessions on Zoom.

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Meet your facilitator

Hugh Macfarlane is a seasoned and highly respected marketing trainer.

Hugh has over 20 years’ experience training marketers and managers across North and Central America, Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia and is (almost) famous for his clear and successful approach to B2B marketing.

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