Funnel Camp gets your teams on the same page

Funnel Camp is a facilitated planning program that deep dives into your business offering, your customers and your goals to deliver a clear and customised sales and marketing plan.

Your 3 year marketing plan on one page

Learn to conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes, and build trustworthy relationships with customers.

Get your key players on the same page and have them collaborate on goals and objectives using a long-term, customer-focused strategy.

Better prepare your salespeople for their time with customers with this simple, repeatable sales structure.

Learn how to win sales opportunities and master selling solutions to organisations with multiple decision makers.

Got a remote working team?
We got you covered.

Do it on Zoom

Traditionally, Funnel Camp takes place in a room. But this isn’t always possible – and shouldn’t stop your from aligning your teams and building a great sales and marketing plan.

We’ve created a workshop that can take place over Zoom. We’ll replace post-it notes and flip charts for polls and shared notes You’ll collaborate, discuss and work with your team and your Funnel coach through video conferencing and chat to build a plan that works for everyone – even if you’re far apart.

So, how does it all work?

After documenting your objectives and current strategy, we bring your sales and marketing leadership team together with one of our Funnel Coaches for a two-day workshop.

Here, they’ll validate the strategy, make it buyer centric, determine the necessary velocity and choose tactics for every stage of the buyer’s journey.

When you’re done, you’ll have a one-page plan, a 20-page presentation and a detailed project plan.

Explore options for building a
great plan.

Discuss what approach to planning would work best with one of our experienced Funnel Coaches.

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Not sure you want to do it on Zoom?
Let us help you find the best way to build your go-to-market plan

Funnel Plan

Do it on your own

Build your plan yourself, with a bit of expert guidance. Funnel Plan is the globally proven, online planning discipline that easily guides you and your team, step-by-step, to the smartest go-to-market plan for your business.

Funnel Coach

Do it on the phone

Funnel Coach™ consists of 10 web-based sessions over 13 weeks, in which you’ll receive one-on-one help to build a simple, actionable plan for growth. You’ll work hard, learn a lot, and emerge with clarity.

Funnel Camp

Do it in a room

A 3-year marketing plan. A 2-day workshop. All displayed on one page. Funnel Camp gathers your sales and marketing teams into a workshop to align your sales and marketing leaders around a single plan.

Funnel Mastery

Make it stick

Funnel Mastery is Funnel Camp plus six months of execution support. We meet with your sales and marketing team every month. We drive them hard to execute your plan, support them when they need mentoring, and keep them aligned to the plan.

Don’t want to wait?