The b2b marketing process used by thousands of companies across the globe: Funnel Logic

Our B2B Marketing Process: Funnel Logic™’s B2B marketing process, Funnel Logic™ is a sales and marketing management and planning system used to increase prospect progression through the sales funnel, and improve sales and marketing effectiveness.

As our in-house B2B Marketing process, it is the “belief system” which underpins the success of all our clients. At its core are four key principles regarding how sales and marketing are conducted in the best-run businesses:

  1. The aggregate Sales/Marketing function should build its activities around a clear and singular view of the buyer’s journey (not the sales cycle);
  2. This journey should be dimensioned (how many prospects will progress through each stage of this journey over time);
  3. The plans of Marketing and Sales should detail how they intend (together) to cause this progression; and
  4. The actual progression should be measured, so that tactics which work can be bolstered, and those which do not can be shelved.

Funnel Logic™ comes to life in a number of proven solutions.

Funnel Camp™ aligns your sales and marketing leaders around a single plan; blisteringly clear and highly actionable. Because they are busy and hard to get together, Funnel Camp centres around an intensive, 3-day workshop, with preparation beforehand. A comprehensive plan for growth (developed with our proven sales planning system) is then delivered to you afterwards.

Funnel Coach™ focuses the strategic direction of your business via our proven marketing and sales system, and assists you in developing your own blisteringly clear, highly actionable plan for growth with 10 one-on-one business coaching sessions.

Funnel Academy™ hones the skills of business-to-business (B2B) marketers to help them deliver results for their businesses, using our proven marketing system. It’s a combination of classroom-style teaching, team workshops, and peer networking.

Funnel People provides skilled resources to assist with the execution of your plan. We can recruit, train and mentor an in-house marketer, supply our own, or provide an experienced Execution Manager to hold your existing team accountable to the things that matter.

Funnel Guy™ is Hugh Macfarlane – founder of – an experienced and entertaining public speaker who speaks on a range of sales and marketing topics, and has delivered over 60 conference addresses to thousands of people since 1996.

Funnel Vision™ is a series of 30 sharp, punchy articles that offer comprehensive insights into managing your sales funnel. Delivered to you for free via email, these articles can also be licensed for publication to private lists.

Businesses take advantage of our planning and learning services to improve their sales and marketing effectiveness. If you wish to learn more about how our unique B2B marketing process, Funnel Logic™, can assist your business, drop us a line.