B2B marketers worship the Funnel. They spend their waking hours trying to design, control and influence its ability progress buyers but how many of us actually know the best to way manage it?

The DemandCon conference in London will see B2B marketers from across the globe converge for two days for a hard-hitting education in all things Funnel. Featuring thought leaders and expert B2B practitioners, it is the world’s first conference dedicated to managing the complete sales funnel, top to bottom.

Delegates will be trained in the latest techniques and best practices for accelerating revenue growth which they can then integrate into their own marketing and sales activities. But a great set of tactics will be ineffective unless they are coherently built into a strategic plan…

To bring the conference to an actionable close, I will build a progression plan using all of the tactics presented during the conference, and a few that weren’t. With the help from the day’s presenters, and smart marketers from the audience, I will then identify all the points of failure and build recycling tactics to manage the leaked buyers back into the funnel: Better primed, better positioned, more ready to progress next time.

To advance this knowledge, on May 29th align.me will host a Black Belt Funnel Plan Training Workshop. In it, you will build a coherent plan incorporating advanced techniques and best practices for increasing revenue volume and velocity which will help you:

  • Manage your funnel more effectively;
  • Increase your marketing profitability; and
  • Improve your sales conversion rates.

The workshop is designed for marketing and sales professionals involved with lead and revenue generation.


EventDemandCon London 2012
Date28th-29th May, 2012
Venue200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, City of London, London, UK  EC1A
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Bonus offer:If you are a marketer and you register for both DemandCon and the Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop, you will receive one free workshop pass to invite a senior colleague from your sales team.

Simply email Stephanie Jeanmougin at [email protected] after you have registered for both DemandCon and our workshop to receive your free workshop discount code to register your sales colleague.