I recently found a great new service on Product Hunt. My new PA is an artificial intelligence (AI) application – Amy – and she’s insanely clever. Let me show you how to save hours on scheduling using this service, and then I’ll ask you a question about how AI should be applied to planning. I would love to hear your feedback.

Below is the test email exchange between my new AI personal assistant (Amy) and myself, as well as a couple of my internal colleagues (Nick and Brett), to set up a meeting that is good for the three of us.


My email out

I sent an email to my internal colleagues with a copy to Amy to find a meeting time (suggested Skype meeting) that works for all of us.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning


Brett’s interaction with Amy

Amy sends an email to Brett suggesting a time that suits me and that works for him.  She also mentions that she will include my Skype ID in the invite and requests for Brett’s Skype ID.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning


Brett responds to Amy with a time that works for him, and explains that he has my details.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning


Amy’s replies to Brett confirming that she will send out the invite once she has confirmed a time with the other invitee.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning

Nick’s interaction with Amy

Nick gets the same exchange as Brett, asking about a time that works for him, except that Amy also confirms the time that works for Brett.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planningSubsequently, as a result of the interactions with Amy, a time was found that was suitable for all and the meeting was booked.



As this was just a test meeting, I sent Amy a simple email – without copying in previous emails – to cancel the meeting with my colleagues.  Of note, I only mentioned Nick and Brett’s name without any reference to any other details regarding the referring meeting.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning


Amy is clever enough to figure it out, and accepts the request to cancel the meeting.  She also asks if I would like to reschedule.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning

Setting up with Amy

Via a web session, I set up my calendars, preferred meeting locations, Skype details, preferred meeting lengths, and the times that I am available and unavailable.

However, I needed to make some changes, and so I returned to Amy and requested 5 corrections. Note that I did not mention am or pm in the times – Amy has worked all this out.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning

Given the above requests for corrections that I have sent to Amy, she returns – impressively – with a lot of information regarding my virtual meetings, as well as my in-person, dinner, and breakfast meetings.  This is in addition to my new meeting durations.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning

Example of virtual meeting details that Amy provides

I also requested for Friday dinners and Monday breakfasts to also be removed off the list.  Again, I’ve made no attempts to be super clear with my text, assuming that Amy is smart enough to figure it out.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning


I was not disappointed, as Amy sent me the revision with the requested changes. My interactions with Amy continued, where I explained changes I wanted made without having to go into expanded text to make everything very clear.

Delightfully, Amy is clever enough to decipher what is sent to her and make the necessary adjustments, sending you the relevant revisions.

I was very impressed by Amy as our new AI admin, and have therefore shared a link to this service in our credits. To reiterate, I’m not an affiliate – we have no association. I just thought this was a great service to share.

But first a question? How do you think AI would help you in planning? Let me show you our current virtual coaching – not AI yet –  and ask you to comment on how you would like to see AI used to enhance this experience.


AI in planning

In our application, let’s take the example of the ‘Objectives’ page.  As you hover over the different fields, the ‘Help Centre’ text and video on the right hand side of your screen changes to give you guidance.  Here, I can provide any guidance that you would like.  On every page, there is field-specific guidance/instructions.

artificial intelligence (AI) and sales and marketing planning

Share your thoughts to improve coaching using AI

The point, however, is that the above is static – it’s not picking up anything, and it’s not trying to interpret anything. It is general guidance. This is where I want your help. How could we use AI to improve on the above, and to provide an amazing coaching experience? I would love your thoughts on both:

  1. When building your plan, what guidance would you enjoy from a very clever robot when building your plan?
  2. When you’re tweaking your plan, what guidance do you think you would enjoy when you’re tweaking your plan?

Whether you’re watching this on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or our website, please leave a comment


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Regardless of whether you have a Funnel Plan or not, again, please let me know your thoughts on how artificial intelligence could enhance the planning process.



Our thanks

  • Amy, from https://x.ai, for an amazing AI-based time saver;
  • Claudia Ivanka for video production; and
  • Hugh Macfarlane for scripting and presenting this week’s show.