Is Marketing left out of strategy in your business?

Due to high levels of demand, is pleased to announce that highly-regarded B2B marketing training, Funnel Academy, is coming to the UK in 2010.

  • Date: 20 – 21 April, 2010
  • Time: 9.00am – 5.30pm
  • Venue: Holiday Inn London – Kingston South, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey
  • Registration: £1100 (+ VAT) per person

How to Set Strategy for Business Markets

Many marketing professionals have big goals, but just don’t get a voice when it matters. Problems faced by B2B marketers include :

  • They lack a clear plan for growth
  • They lack skills specific to B2B
  • Members of their extended team don’t ‘get it’
  • Sales and Marketing are not aligned
  • They lack the resources required to execute their plan

How to Set Strategy for Business Markets outlines how to get a seat at the strategy table; and earn the right to stay there.

It details:

  • How to set, and guide, the overall strategy for the whole business. You need it to accelerate quickly from its current position, leave its competition for dead and be strong enough to last the distance.
  • How to set the go-to-market strategy for your products and services. This includes deciding how much effort to give each (and which to get rid of), how to balance your portfolio and how to alter your strategy when the market changes.
  • How to select and evolve your product, pricing, segmentation, channel and tactics with the market; because a great strategy for one market can be a dud for the next.
  • How to translate your strategy into a clear plan, and then into action; because you need to drive your killer strategy home with an execution to match.

Benefits for B2B marketers include :

  • A comprehensive overview of the skills all B2B marketers need to set strategy and translate it into action;
  • A proven framework for demand generation;
  • A series of practical how-to steps based on the theory of renowned thought leaders like Collins, Porter, Moore, Ries, BCG, and McKinsey;
  • The insights gained by Founder Hugh Macfarlane (author of The Leaky Funnel) from work he has done with leading businesses around the world; and
  • The opportunity to bring this content back to your own business, via workshops, ensuring a real impact long after the training has ceased.

About the presenter

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder and CEO of align.meDelivering the module How to Set Strategy for Business Markets will be none other than B2B marketing guru, Hugh Macfarlane. Macfarlane is Founder & CEO of, author of the The Leaky Funnel and hundreds of articles, white papers and ebooks on the subject of B2B growth.

After the announcement of this exclusive, intimate 2-day event, Macfarlane said ‘We’ve proven the methodology and the course now throughout Europe, North America and Asia, and I’m especially excited to be working with UK marketers again, given your unique access to high growth markets as well as mature economies. My first UK Funnel Academy had marketers building growth plans for the UK and 12 other countries in Europe and the Middle East, and I’m hopeful you’re going to challenge me again.’

For more information about Funnel Academy, please contact an accredited UK Funnel Coach:

  • John Sweeney, +44 (0) 7535 973771
  • Bob Thorpe, +44 7935 796164