Virtual or non-virtual? Deciding on the right format for your business events and meetings

Before 2020, businesses had a lot more choice in the ways in which they delivered meetings, workshops, and other events. For some, like ourselves, virtual meetings were already the norm. After all, why travel an hour for a thirty-minute meeting when you could be more efficient with your time? But what about other business activities such as facilitated workshops or events? At, we have always happily relocated to wherever needed to undertake these activities. But 2020 threw a spanner in the works and demanded everyone shift to virtual formats. As we’re seeing things return to "business READ MORE

Do you know how to webinar?

In today’s global market, webinars are a great marketing tool as they have the ability to erase the barriers of time and geography, making it easier for everyone to access content no matter the time or place. Webinars can we be watched live or for those that are time poor, on-demand at a time that suits them best. More importantly, they’re a great medium to directly interact with your clients and prospects on a large scale. And as the cost per head is lower than traditional face-to-face event marketing, your marketing dollar is well spent. Underpinning’s READ MORE

Effective use of webinars for B2B marketing – from Lead Gen to Closed/Won

Webinars are now a popular tool for most of us in B2B marketing. At, we began with live webinars about 4 years ago, but found the grind of supporting US, Asia and Europe to be gruelling. Most of our B2B marketing audience used to listen to the webinars after the fact anyway, so we bit the bullet and took the recorded route. Since then, we have learned how much richer you can make the experience if you have the luxury of post-production time and resources. At Demand Con in San Francisco in September this year, READ MORE

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