Start with why your buyers need a solution like yours [video]

If you are one of the over three million viewers who've seen Simon Sinek's Ted Talk -  Start with why, you'd know that 'the why' is more important than 'the how' or 'the what'. The what is your product, the how is the unique way you do what you do, and the why is what you believe, but it also aligns to the motivation that your clients have to engage you (or someone like you) at all. So we need to start with answering the question, "Why do I need you?". But does your website do a READ MORE

How to build mobile-friendly websites and emails

Your target market is increasingly reading your website on small devices, which means much of your designer's hard work is wasted. If your pages are not formatted with mobile viewing in mind, chances are your users will click away quickly. Some will argue that this is a consumer phenomenon, but that's a cop-out. The reality is that your audience is becoming less patient by the day, and if your content can't be digested easily, it won't be. Even for sites that enjoy a good proportion of patient, desk-bound visitors, the emails that promote your web copy and READ MORE

B2B Marketing: Use Websites to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... Getting a steady stream of B2B marketing prospects to your website and turning them into highly qualified leads is an achievable goal if you take advantage of new and powerful web technologies. Depending on your business objectives and strategy, there are a number of tools that act as B2B marketing solutions. You should be leveraging these to not only draw prospects to your website for conversion, but also qualify them over time, saving both you and your Sales team valuable time and energy. So what will deliver the right marketing READ MORE

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