Here’s why the buyer’s journey isn’t dead   Earlier this month, our co-founder Hugh was interviewed on the Pathmonk Presents podcast by host and design/UX expert Lukas Haensch. The Pathmonk podcast is a fast and effective show to sharpen your growth marketing skills. Hugh was interviewed to cast more light on recent statements purporting that the buyer's journey is dead. And as an expert on marketing and sales funnels, it was clear that Hugh could help bring more clarity as he discussed why this statement is categorically untrue. From here, we get an unfiltered view of Hugh's expertise on buyer-centric thinking, the READ MORE

Where to use video for B2B

If your blog copy and your web pages are boring and 'me too' – you're dead. People have really short attention spans. Video, on the other hand, is engaging, it allows you to be authentic, and it connects you with your buyers. Today, I'm going to show you where and how to use video for B2B. 8 ways to use video in B2B 1. Cold Outreach In no particular order, let's begin with cold outreach. If I'm about to make contact with you as a targeted prospect – and I've done a bit of homework about READ MORE

3 ways to use personalised video as a marketing tactic

With so much of our marketing automated these days, how do you become really, really personal? I'm going to show you how to get very personal with your market today using  personalised video. Three ways to use personalised video as a marketing tactic: You’re talking to a prospect and you want to show that you’ve done your homework, you really understand them, things that they’re trying to deal with, and you wanted to appeal very personally to earn the right to a meeting with a high-quality target, or high-value target.  A "how to" video using screen share. READ MORE

How we produce our weekly video B2B Marketing blog

  If you are committed to a regular schedule of blogging, you'll know that the production needs to be efficient or the process can quickly become unaffordable. Video is a super engaging medium for blogging, but might appear unaffordable at first glance. Great corporate videos on your web site deserve a high quality production, but frequent video blogs need 'good enough' production only. At, we're a long way from the efficiency we think we can achieve, but have mastered the art of good-enough quality video blog production and are pleased to let you under the covers READ MORE

How to produce high quality video blog on limited budget

Many people are discouraged to produce their own video blogs at the risk of looking cheap and nasty. However, video production technologies have improved so drastically over the past few years that it no longer requires large monetary or time investments to produce high quality video blogs. No longer can the excuse of poor production capabilities be used as an excuse not to tell your story! Direct from Frankfurt, Germany, Hugh demonstrates first-hand the ease and effectiveness of producing video blogs on a limited budget. He shares with you an array of products, tools, and tips you READ MORE

How to size your funnel on the back of an envelope

  “Perfect is the enemy of good.” So said Voltaire, an 18th century French philosopher. If we cycle forward to the 21st century, our problem is we drown in detail. We get so caught up in the statistics of conversion rates and click through rates and sales conversion rates that we lose the clarity of what is actually going on in our funnel. In most businesses you can ask the sales leader what their closure rates are, and they'll know and you can ask marketing what their click through rates are and they'll know that too. However, READ MORE

How to set quotas and improve the yield from Sales

What's a normal quota per sales rep? Half a million, 1.5 million per annum? Or is that revenue or gross profit? Is it lifetime value or one time value? Or somehow a one year value? If we want to improve our yield per rep, do we decide better ones? To me, quota setting is all a bit well kind of looking over the shoulder. Isn't there some better way to do it than that? When you look at what a normal sales quota is, and for a start I want you to think about sales value not READ MORE

SEO for video: the ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketer Pt.2

  By Yulia Edirisinghe A while ago, we blogged about how clever keyword optimisation and hosting on YouTube can help boost your video's search ranking on Google. However, given the growing importance of video as a B2B marketing tactic, and the ever-changing landscape of search optimisation, it is likely that these methods alone will not guarantee you the top spot. But luckily, there are a few other tricks that will help you get your video content to the top of the search results, and in front of your prospects. 1. Begin your promotion immediately after posting How READ MORE

SEO for Video: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketers

  By Yulia Edirisinghe It’s undeniable that video is an essential tactic in any B2B marketer’s arsenal. Why? Have a look at our wiki on video production to learn about the many benefits. Unfortunately though, even the world’s best video is redundant if no one can find it to watch it. And, with sixty hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, competition for the top spots in search results is only increasing. So, how do you beat the competition? The answer lies in three little letters: SEO. Optimize your video for search engines by following these READ MORE

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