How to leave voicemails that actually get call backs [video]

We’ve recently been discussing how to earn a new meeting. In this week’s show, we’ll explore the best B2B voicemail script for complex sales. In complex B2B, a full-time and well-skilled outbound cold caller might manage one or two conversations a day. A sales professional that gives cold calling only one or two hours a day might be lucky to have one or two calls per week where they actually conversed with the right person. How do we improve not the conversion rate but the conversation rate? If your marketing is really delivering for you, then you READ MORE

B2B sales: “how are you?” and other cringe-worthy opening questions

Call me old fashioned if you will, but when someone I have never met phones me out of the blue and can’t think of anything less inane than “how are you” to start the conversation, I know one person on the call is an idiot. And, IMHO, it isn’t me. In a business-to-business environment, that sort of false familiarity isn’t just cringeworthy, it’s downright impertinent, and a sure sign that the speaker that is utterly devoid of imagination or any detectable level of emotional intelligence. Why on earth would I want to waste my time in continuing READ MORE

Call your leads quickly, and stop calling after 20 hours

B2B marketers know how important it is to follow up leads quickly. But do we know how quickly? And can call backs actually hurt your chances? A customer sent me this link to Lead Response Management last week, and I'm embarrassed not to have seen it previously. Here's the essence: Study was across 15,000 web-generated leads from 6 large companies over 3 years. Sure, the data could be across a larger number of companies, but I'm not disputing their findings. Calling on Thursdays is 50% better than calling on Tuesdays for first phone contact Wednesdays are 25% READ MORE

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