What can we learn about sales and marketing from legendary sportsman Captain Blood?

For those of you who know me beyond my business pursuits, you will know that – like 100,000 other Australians – one of my passions is Australian Rules Football (to my American friends: no, this is not rugby) and one club in particular: The mighty Tigers – the Richmond football club. In our history, we’ve produced many great champions but probably the greatest of all is the legendary Captain Blood himself, Jack Dyer. Dyer was renowned for being one of the toughest men ever to play the game. Why Captain Blood, you ask? Well, I answer you READ MORE

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Inbound marketing vs. outbound? A case for both.

The marketing world has been fascinated with inbound marketing for years. Is inbound always the right way to go? And are there parts of your market where inbound is the right approach, and others for which outbound is better? Three types of targets When considering who you wish to market your business to, there are generally three key targets you should focus your energy on: Target role and company — this is one or more key senior roles in the company you really want to sell to. They are the decision makers, or perhaps the right starting point. READ MORE

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Ideal Client Profile [video]

What is an ideal client profile, and how do you define yours? Your ideal client profile describes the type of businesses you want to serve, and excludes those that you don't. It's not so much a list of your segments, but the characteristics that need to be true of all of your segments. Let me explain what this really means and how to define your ideal client profile. https://youtu.be/CTTi2x6TTLE Your target market is those businesses who most feel the pain In any go-to-market plan, your target market is those businesses who are most affected by the problem READ MORE

Trouble your market about the right problem [video]

Trouble your market about the right problem Don't ask your prospects what's keeping them up at night, because you really don't care if they have a problem you can't solve. What you do care about is how much the problem you do solve is hurting them. Be strategic - even selfish - and help your market understand why the problem you solve should be at the top of their list. Let me explain why some problems help your competitors more than they help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdtdPkyPvmw&t=2s Establish a need Your solution, whether it's a product or a READ MORE

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns [video]

What are the best B2B Marketing Campaigns? In this weeks Funnel Vision I'm going to show you some extraordinary campaigns with clever creative content, and explain why none of these will help you to maximise marketing- generated revenue. Then I'll show you what you do need to do, and then bring that creativity back into play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIpvT4BMOnU Building a campaign list I want to build the definitive list of campaigns that we need to build in B2B, and a few hints on how to build each. For example, you may need campaigns for Key READ MORE

How to fire a bad customer

Steps to consider when firing a bad customer Work super-hard to fix their issues first If it's them (they will never be happy), grit your teeth, then Reframe the issue as a misalignment, not a fault Keep it classy. Don't give or accept blame. Refund their last payment Why should you fire a bad customer, anyway? If you are genuinely in the business of delivering great service to your clients, anything that gets in the way of that must be fixed. Just as equally (maybe even more so), if you value your staff and want them READ MORE

A new strategy for Sales and Marketing, and why your old strategy won’t work

Your old strategy for sales and marketing just won't work. And neither will your next one, or the one after that. Sure they will work for a while, and then they won't. What's going on? Buyers change as their own familiarity with a new innovation changes. Put differently, when a new idea is put to the market, it will appeal to a certain segment of the market. Then a different segment, then a different segment again. So, should your strategy for sales and marketing be based on the industries these segments operate in? No, absolutely not. Then READ MORE

How to sell to the c-suite (don’t)

  How should you approach the c-suite? That elusive senior person in a large business who can approve your deal? Often, the answer is: you don't. Instead, target the person whose problem you aim to fix. How do you approach that really senior person who you know can approve the deal and you need to get to early in the cycle? The answer usually is that you don't and shouldn't, and I'll show you why. Often the person who can approve the deal is not the person who actually has the problem that your deal is gonna READ MORE

Stand Out by Helping Out: How Customer Centricity Can Help you Win Business

Imagine for a minute that it is the 1920s and you have been doing the washing by hand your entire life. You have had to fetch water eight to ten times a day from a pump, well or spring to do your washing. Your mother did her washing by hand and so did her parents and everyone before them. Recently you’ve heard about machines in commercial plants that can do a lot of washing automatically and you know people are now buying these machines for their homes. You also, after some contemplation and discussion with friends and READ MORE

A freebie can cost you more than money: a reputation for poor customer service

All customers love a freebie! Right? But, what happens when your good intentions backfire, and you’re left looking like the bad guy, as well as being out of pocket? This week, Hugh shares a few personal stories and examines the relationship between discounting and customer service. He looks at the common mistakes companies make when trying to provide deep discounts, and how to offer these discounts without disappointing your customer.

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