Ideal Client Profile [video]

What is an ideal client profile, and how do you define yours? Your ideal client profile describes the type of businesses you want to serve, and excludes those that you don’t. It’s not so much a list of your segments, but the characteristics that need to be true of all of your segments. Let me […]

Trouble your market about the right problem [video]

Trouble your market about the right problem Don’t ask your prospects what’s keeping them up at night, because you really don’t care if they have a problem you can’t solve. What you do care about is how much the problem you do solve is hurting them. Be strategic – even selfish – and help your […]

A new strategy for Sales and Marketing, and why your old strategy won’t work

Your old strategy for sales and marketing just won’t work. And neither will your next one, or the one after that. Sure they will work for a while, and then they won’t. What’s going on? Buyers change as their own familiarity with a new innovation changes. Put differently, when a new idea is put to […]

How to sell to the c-suite (don’t)

  How should you approach the c-suite? That elusive senior person in a large business who can approve your deal? Often, the answer is: you don’t. Instead, target the person whose problem you aim to fix. How do you approach that really senior person who you know can approve the deal and you need to […]

Stand Out by Helping Out: How Customer Centricity Can Help you Win Business

Imagine for a minute that it is the 1920s and you have been doing the washing by hand your entire life. You have had to fetch water eight to ten times a day from a pump, well or spring to do your washing. Your mother did her washing by hand and so did her parents […]

A freebie can cost you more than money: a reputation for poor customer service

All customers love a freebie! Right? But, what happens when your good intentions backfire, and you’re left looking like the bad guy, as well as being out of pocket? This week, Hugh shares a few personal stories and examines the relationship between discounting and customer service. He looks at the common mistakes companies make when […]

How to design a buyer-centric B2B solution

  Can you for once stop talking about a product and how good it is? Businesses use the term solution when what they really mean is a packaging of a product or service and not a solution at all. Today, I’m going to show you how to build solutions that customers can’t resist. Start with […]

Competitively superior in-field targeting

Fish where the big fish are! Go for the 80/20! Don’t mess around with the small end of town – spend your time at the big end of town. All laudable exhortations. As a fledgling Sales Exec decades ago, I heard them all. You probably did too, huh? Calls to arms like this aren’t good […]