What’s the role of social media in B2B selling?

Christian Maurer, a Paris-based Consultant, Trainer and Coach, writes... From my own experience, I know that using social media can eat up considerable time, especially in the discovery phase. It is thus legitimate for a sales leader to be concerned about whether the time salespeople spend with social media is time well spent to interact with prospects and customers in a way that generates the revenue streams expected from them. Leaving sales people to their own devices in terms of how to integrate social media into their work practice is the least effective approach and will negatively READ MORE

Use marketing content to get your business found

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes... Modern marketing is all about engaging with your target audience and creating some interesting content that they would find enjoyable or interesting to consume. Use your creative juices to develop interesting content and then leverage that content in as many ways as possible to engage with your audience. You will develop leads, convert prospects, increase website traffic, get found in searches and develop a reputation as a thought leader. Here are some top tips for getting found: Write a white paper about a new trend in your industry or READ MORE

Social media – think before you tweet

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2msolutions, writes... It is simply impossible to read a marketing article these days without someone expressing an opinion about social media. I have actively avoided blogging about this phenomenon up to this point because, well, I didn't want to be part of the Twitterati (with the emphasis firmly on the "Twit" in too many cases!) However I can resist no longer! If for no other reason than that I feel the urge to shout from the rooftops that social media is NOT some incredible technological breakthrough that is going to revolutionise our world, READ MORE

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