Organic vs Paid Content for B2B LinkedIn strategy

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most popular social networks in the world. Its focus on businesses and professionals makes it one of the best tools for B2B marketing, yet many organisations still aren't aware of just how powerful the platform can be for them. Used in the right way, B2B businesses can use LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, engage with current and potential customers, and drive new opportunities for their business. Yet few are truly optimising their LinkedIn marketing strategy to achieve these benefits - and some are neglecting LinkedIn altogether. Here we'll be discussing READ MORE

Why B2B content marketing could be your greatest asset in 2022

It's understandable that some B2B businesses have yet to utilise content marketing in their strategy - but the growing importance of content marketing can't be emphasised enough. Whilst content marketing has grown in popularity over the last decade, the benefits to B2B businesses may not yet be clear enough for some executives to want to invest in it. In our blog below we take a deep dive into why B2B businesses should consider investing in content marketing in 2022: No B2B content marketing plan? You might be missing big opportunities With a longer sales cycle and more READ MORE

Build a B2B content marketing plan you’ll actually stick to

It's easy to overlook the importance of content marketing. Tactics like blogging, thought leadership and organic posting can often lose out to more lead and sales-based tactics. While positioning with content is a vital part of marketing, the idea that it doesn't convert makes it less attractive to a lot of businesses - and not worth the precious time and resources. However, the value of positioning through content marketing should never be underestimated. We consistently see our clients achieve conversions from customers who have been receiving content from them for months – even years. Even if you READ MORE

Best B2B advertising tactics

With so many digital advertising options available to a B2B marketer, and so few dollars to spend, what are the best B2B advertising tactics worth spending your time and effort on? We've done a whole lot of online advertising for and for our clients - and here's our pick for the 7 best advertising tactics for B2B, in order of importance: Remarketing website visitors Retargeting on social platforms Lookalike retargeting Custom lists Search Lookalike customers and prospects Display There's our top 7. But before we go into those tactics specifically, let me first talk about digital READ MORE

How to generate leads through LinkedIn [video]

LinkedIn’s core proposition remains: get found and get recruited. Keep your CV up to date on LinkedIn. Make it look pretty. Recruiters find you. Job offers come. That’s essentially their proposition. If that’s the case, LinkedIn surely is the most up to date database on the planet for accurate contact information about prospects. How do we tap that rich, up to date database to generate great B2B leads through LinkedIn? Watch the video above where I show you step by step how to use Lead Builder to get your list.  Start with your target market The READ MORE

How to create a social media marketing plan for B2B

  I was asked by a listener to discuss how to build a social media marketing plan for B2B, and frankly I'm not sure you should. Social media, like any other set of tactics, should be seen in context. Firstly, it needs to be sales and marketing plan. Secondly, your sales and marketing plan can't just deal with a single set of tactics. All of the tactics connect. What's going to happen before, what's going to happen afterwards, what's going to happen alongside, in the buyer's journey. Contextually, we need to see the social media plan in READ MORE

6 reasons to use LinkedIn for business [video]

  There are plenty of how-to blogs, videos and other web pages for LinkedIn. The bigger question is why use LinkedIn for business? There is no doubt that having your CV online is a great idea for getting recruited. Get busy. And sure we should be promoting our businesses via all channels. The problem is that every communication has a curve to learn and then another to master the channel. LinkedIn, like any medium, takes time to master. Let's agree that even the smallest business should have a basic company page, and every person - employee or READ MORE

Tactics to improve conversion and dominate your market

If you can't make your funnel flow faster, can you lose fewer buyers throughout their journey? We've argued on recent blogs why you can't speed up your buyer just because you have quotas to meet, but that you can improve your conversion rates. We had a ton of email requests for specific tactics. So this week we're making a series of specific tactical recommendations to improve your conversion rates throughout the funnel. Want to receive more content like this? Subscribe to our monthly B2B marketing blog!

Seven ways to distribute your content widely

  If you followed our tips from last week's Funnel Vision you now have loads of great digital content for your B2B marketing. You've got white papers, videos and webinars from your own great ideas, and great ideas from others who have a view that supports your own. How do you get that great content out into the hands of yourtarget market? And is there a way to leverage others to do some of the work for you? Maybe a key partner or two, your sales people, and your audience itself can help to get the word READ MORE

Inbound marketing B2B and the role of long tail search

Inbound marketing for B2B requires the same skills as for B2C, plus a few. In B2B, the inbound marketing lead is often not a lead at all, but a nurture opportunity. So we need inbound marketing tactics for both early-stage and late-stage buyers. I've just found a great new b2b marketing tool I'd like to share with you. Think about your own use of search. Sometimes, you are looking for a 'thing', a solution. You have already worked out that something needs to change, and you have an idea about what the solution might involve, and so READ MORE

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