Radically cut your B2B AdWords budget

B2B AdWords can be wickedly expensive. However, they can also be incredibly affordable. The difference doesn't come down to small tweaks but instead, undertaking radical surgery to your existing approach. Today, I want to show you how to make your AdWords both affordable and very profitable. https://youtu.be/Gq6r0JG2t2o Does AdWords work for B2B? It's not unusual to spend $10 for a click. If you're getting a 2% conversion rate once they get to your landing page, then it's going to cost you about $500 for a lead. Sounds okay so far, but half of those will be rubbish, READ MORE

Long tail search for B2B [video]

Hello. We're going to talk about long tail search today. Slight change of form if you're used to watching my video blogs, they're a little bit more produced than this is, and the next 3 are going to be somewhat in this format. Leanna, who normally produces my videos, is in New York, Talon who's being trained is already becoming great, but he's got a lot on his plate, so I'm going to make the format quite simple. Also I'm traveling, so I need to do them remotely anyway. So, slightly different format, but I'm going to READ MORE

Inbound marketing B2B and the role of long tail search

Inbound marketing for B2B requires the same skills as for B2C, plus a few. In B2B, the inbound marketing lead is often not a lead at all, but a nurture opportunity. So we need inbound marketing tactics for both early-stage and late-stage buyers. I've just found a great new b2b marketing tool I'd like to share with you. Think about your own use of search. Sometimes, you are looking for a 'thing', a solution. You have already worked out that something needs to change, and you have an idea about what the solution might involve, and so READ MORE

SEO for video: the ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketer Pt.2

  By Yulia Edirisinghe A while ago, we blogged about how clever keyword optimisation and hosting on YouTube can help boost your video's search ranking on Google. However, given the growing importance of video as a B2B marketing tactic, and the ever-changing landscape of search optimisation, it is likely that these methods alone will not guarantee you the top spot. But luckily, there are a few other tricks that will help you get your video content to the top of the search results, and in front of your prospects. 1. Begin your promotion immediately after posting How READ MORE

SEO for Video: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ for B2B marketers

  By Yulia Edirisinghe It’s undeniable that video is an essential tactic in any B2B marketer’s arsenal. Why? Have a look at our wiki on video production to learn about the many benefits. Unfortunately though, even the world’s best video is redundant if no one can find it to watch it. And, with sixty hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, competition for the top spots in search results is only increasing. So, how do you beat the competition? The answer lies in three little letters: SEO. Optimize your video for search engines by following these READ MORE

Why B2B marketers must invest in organic traffic for SEO

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this? Well, other than the growth in traffic equating to an increase in potential leads, more online conversation and buzz, and more traffic to your particular site, there’s a marked correlation between organic content and SEO. Thought you knew that already? Let’s take a look at the figures, and other insights provided by Rand Fishkin, (CEO SEOmoz) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO, READ MORE

3 Reasons Why Australian B2B Marketers Are Going Inbound

Inbound marketing isn't a well-known phrase to Australian marketers (yet!), but 2012 sees B2B marketers quickly catching on to the inbound marketing revolution. Inbound marketing refers to the art & increasingly the science of attracting buyers to your site, (getting found) converting them to leads (nurturing) and figuring out what is and isn't working (analytics). Better known phrases are website marketing, digital marketing or online marketing, but inbound marketing is a more comprehensive, inclusive discipline than these phrases suggest. Here are the top three reasons why we are beginning to make the switch: #1 It's Budget-Friendly (And READ MORE

Looking for SEO keyword researcher / analytics guru

We are a highly developed user of SEO, but the CEO is the main creator / resident geek re key word research, page optimisation, and analytics, and that is poor leverage of his skills. We're looking for an SEO analyst who is very efficient in researching key phrases (quantitative and qualitative assessment of competition for phrases, volume and trends) on-site and off-site optimisation, and analytics / optimsation tests. You will be 'on tap' for any of our consultants to do key phrase selection and analytics work, and be able to turn requests around within 1 day. There READ MORE

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