3 B2B sales trends that cannot be ignored

Forward from Brett Bonser: As a new member of our team, I am delighted to allow Claudia to share with you her findings – on key B2B sales trends that are shaping the future. Don’t let your sales be left behind. Read on, to prepare yourself for the changes ahead. As a business leader, you […]

5 B2B sales funnel statistics you need to master

We need data to drive our businesses. But more statistics won’t necessarily deliver a better business. There are five sales funnel statistics that you simply must know (and manage).   In earlier blogs I have argued you need only four statistics to build a back of the envelope model of your funnel. In this brief blog, I’ll […]

5 Ways to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Alignment between Sales and Marketing has been a challenge for organisations through the ages. Now, fundamental changes in your buyer’s behaviour are increasingly creating misalignment between these two functional areas. Misalignment breeds inefficiency. Propose to close rates fall, the quality of leads fall – cost of acquisition increases. The buyer – your target customer – […]

How to size for sales success – know thy funnel

Most sales teams have an inherent awareness of how many customers they need to see in order to make a sale – in other words, the key ratios that affect their business. One business will tell you confidently that they win one sale from every four proposals. Another will say that it takes around three […]

How many leads do you need per campaign?

Calculating the number of leads needed for a b2b marketing campaign seems simple. You can do it on the back of an envelope: Firstly, work out the real target: Consider your revenue target, reduce this by any annuity revenue to get your “sales target”. Then reduce this by the weighted probability of opportunities you can […] CEO & Founder, Hugh Macfarlane’s featured keynote at DemandCon now available

Hugh Macfarlane’s featured keynote at DemandCon in May 2011 now available as an interactive video. July 8, 2011, Melbourne, VIC, AU – Hugh Macfarlane, Founder and CEO of and author of The Leaky Funnel, was a featured keynote at DemandCon in May 2011. He then joined Funnel Coach, Charles Besondy, to run a full […]


Sales Funnel Calculator by

Your sales funnel is all about buyers – not sellers The idea of a step-wise sales process is hardly unique. Measuring your conversion from stage-to-stage in the sales process is also relatively common. These are common, but misleading. You should be measuring the buying process, not the selling process. This is where the Sales Funnel Calculator […]