Sales and Marketing alignment that doubles Marketing’s contribution to revenue

Podcast interview with Andy Paul He's has been heroically publishing a daily podcast episode under the Accelerate banner and Andy recently invited me to join his show. We had a ranging discussion about sales and marketing alignment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are the highlights: Sales people want to tell their story before the buyer is ready to hear it. The buyer's journey gets gazumped by the seller's process. A sales person needs to know as much as they can about what each buyer already thinks, and Marketing can help. Sales and Marketing don't need to understand how to READ MORE

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How to grow your business as high as a ‘magic beanstalk’.

Interview with Jack the Giant Slayer, CEO of Golden Eggs Inc. as he shares his tips for SME growth. Jack, I’m sure many of our readers will have heard your story, but can you take us back the start of the business? Thanks Brett, I’d be delighted to. As you know, our family had a long history in primary production, the farm produced high quality dairy goods and we created a niche market for ourselves specialising in cheeses. But with the drought, rising power costs and the impact of imports, the business fell on READ MORE

B2B marketing and sales alignment: behind the scenes, the making of Concur

B2B marketing and sales professionals often hear about how they need to align themselves for successful business outcomes. As simple as it is to say, the reality is that it is often quite a difficult thing to achieve, and in some cases a seemingly insurmountable task. So it helps to be able to learn from companies that have succeeded in achieving alignment. According to David Lewis’s their DemandCon presentation blurb, “when it comes to marketing automation, no one has more experience then DemandGen with implementing end-to-end lead management systems to align sales and marketing.”  As Founder and READ MORE

B2B marketing and phone selling experts at work

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. B2B marketing is nothing without a strong sales team to work with on the same set of goals. The crucial thing for B2B marketing teams to pre-empt, is that their sales counterparts will likely have more talk-time with prospects, and so that time needs to be spent wisely. So how can B2B marketing teams help sales develop this wisdom? B2B marketing strategies should encompass clear tactics that equip sales representatives with everything necessary to nurture prospects effectively. And at DemandCon, READ MORE

After the funnel – translating marketing activity into CEO and Board level impact

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... Does your CEO know what an MQL is? What about an SQL and SAL? B2B marketing and sales professionals use this language on a day-to-day basis, so they can be forgiven for forgetting that other parts of the organisation may find it difficult to understand them as they reel off acronyms and abbreviations. The problem is that these ‘proprietary’ terms are key to understanding B2B marketing reports. So how do you communicate B2B marketing metric results without these concept-defining terms? We in marketing live in a great new industry READ MORE