A basket full of nurtures – our favourite tactics for recycling

How do you get those recalcitrants – the nervous nellies and those past failures – into your funnel as quickly as possible? A part of the answer is you probably don’t want them there quickly. You want them there confidently. You want, for them to want, to really be in your funnel. In this week’s […]

5 Ways to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Alignment between Sales and Marketing has been a challenge for organisations through the ages. Now, fundamental changes in your buyer’s behaviour are increasingly creating misalignment between these two functional areas. Misalignment breeds inefficiency. Propose to close rates fall, the quality of leads fall – cost of acquisition increases. The buyer – your target customer – […]

How to nurture leaked buyers back into your funnel

  Want to receive more blogs like this? Subscribe to our twice weekly B2B marketing insights! Get your copy of our 2014 Sales and Marketing Alignment Report It’s inevitable that prospects will leak from your funnel. But just because they aren’t ready to buy from you now, doesn’t rule out the possibility they will buy from […]

How to build a business case for content marketing

  By now you should know that just because your buyer doesn’t want to progress right now, doesn’t mean they never will. Recycling is mandatory, and in order to make the most of your list and establish a successful funnel, leaked buyers must be carefully nurtured through this process. What many Sales and Marketing people […]

How to leak your sales funnel gracefully

Deals can drift, delay or simply disappear. For many buyers, ‘do nothing’ is a legitimate option – and a popular one. Sure, you can also make mistakes, or do well and still lose to a competitor. Whichever the case, how you exit that ‘thanks but no thanks’ conversation is just as important as your opening […]

How to select tactics that move buyers

We often accuse salespeople of pitching too early: “I’m ready to sell – I hope you’re ready to buy”. But it’s much the same with Marketing. We make offers designed for buyers who are ready to choose between options, but many buyers aren’t there yet. But unless your tactics move buyers through their journey, you […]

3 Ways To Gauge Your B2B Buyer’s Interest Level

Digital body language (aka what you do online) can tell you a lot about how interested your prospect is. Of course, this is expected to change over time, depending on what goes on internally where said prospect works. In his book, Digital Body Language, Steven Woods outlines the 3 main dimensions that help quantify level […]

The Secret to Being a B2B Marketing Rockstar: Maths

In many organisations, it’s an eyebrow-raising moment when the words “marketing” and “maths” are uttered in the same sentence. Many marketers are blissfully ignorant of the harsh realities of business, revenue and profits, making decisions based on instinct whilst the sales team huff and puff about how marketing live in cloud cuckoo land, not the […]