Linking Buyer’s Journey, Your Pipeline & Revenue Goals

The changing shape of the buyer's journey has introduced a raft of new issues for sales leaders who are trying to manage sales pipelines and generate accurate revenue forecasts. Prospects are leveraging the internet and business social media to do their research - and engaging sales people later in the decision making process. In fact, the latest research from the CEB suggests that the typical B2B buying-decision process is 57% complete before a salesperson is even actively involved. By that time, the prospect is a long way down the path of scoping their needs, establishing their priorities, READ MORE

How to earn more profit than your competitors

What do you do when a tough competitor enters your space? Many businesses cut their prices, starting a 'race to the bottom' as their previously unassailed niche becomes just another commodity product or service. This strategy carries the seeds of its own destruction. In his classic book, The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter outlines five forces that shape competition: New competitors enter the market Rivalry among existing competitors intensifies Substitute products arrive Buyers use their buying power to squeeze margins Suppliers assert greater bargaining power The classic case of a business READ MORE

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