How to choose measures you can act on

If you don't know what's working, how do you know what to change? So measure inputs (not outputs), measure buyer progression, and - don't measure what you're not prepared to change (or can't). To most ears, "Measuring Sales and Marketing effectiveness" sounds like a low priority. It may be on your B or C list, even on a good day. If you're feeling less generous, you might even call it an academic indulgence and not consider it a priority at all. But if you don't know what's working, how can you know what to change? If you READ MORE

How much money to use for your business on Marketing

B2B Marketing's core role is to generate leads that convert to revenue. Therefore, it's self evident that investing in marketing is important to your business growth. Well quite. But exactly how much is enough? Business leaders are struggling to understand: In what type of marketing should you invest? Should you switch to digital tactics? if so, how? How do you measure marketing? Here are some key statistics from a survey on marketing spending from a new Gartner offering called "Gartner for Marketing leaders." The data is revealing. More money is being spent on marketing to attract and acquire new customers. READ MORE

How sales rep scorecards can drive sales performance

  Creating sales rep scorecards will help you improve sales performance by sending clear expectation signals, identifying coaching opportunities and inspiring healthy competition.  The single biggest reason you will lose top talent is poor management.  Assuming people are compensated competitively and other basic needs are looked after, if they are not clear about what’s expected of them or how their success is connected to the company’s progress, they will probably leave at the worst possible time. In the mid-2000′s, Jack Welch wrote about his ‘Rank and Yank’ performance management model where performance is assessed across the ’4-Es’ (Execution, READ MORE

6 Key Skillsets B2B Marketing Managers Need in Their Team

With the shift to inbound or pull marketing well underway, there is also a shift in the marketing skillsets required to get the job done. B2B Marketing Managers are struggling to manage their team's skills transition. At the same time marketing agencies (a traditional source of specific skills) are also undergoing a massive change towards hybrid digital-centric agencies. The old days of $5k per month PR retainers are rapidly disappearing in favour of agencies who can provide services across the spectrum. (Marketing Services is no less immune to disintermediation than other sectors). So what is the laundry list of READ MORE

How measurement can align Marketing and Sales

According to our benchmark study of 1,400 businesses, one in three of them places alignment between the sales department and the marketing department as the No. 1 priority. Measurement makes a surprising contribution. The study, conducted by in co-operation with United States-based online publishing company, showed that those businesses which had achieved marketing-sales alignment were significantly more successful than their competitors. Those businesses with the greatest degree of alignment were: Growing 5.4 per cent faster than their less-aligned counterparts when compared with businesses within the same industry. Closing 38 per cent more proposals than non-aligned READ MORE

Funnel Management Goals: new business, not revenue

For years, B2B Marketing has been goaled on soft measures like awareness and more-recently leads. While neither have a role in contemporary B2B funnel management, measuring Marketing on revenue isn't the answer either. This isn't my 'prettiest' video blog, but this story was bubbling away and after a lengthy flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Poznan, Poland and I just had to let it out as soon as I landed.     Your thoughts?  

How to measure lead effectiveness

Some businesses change their tactics with the same amount of science as they used to choose them in the first place - none. Others get themselves into such a state about how to decide whether to change or not, that they analyse themselves to death. So what makes sense to measure - and why? The answers lie in the detail - but only a little way in. Measure interest: What percentage of those who you first invited to act, took the first step? This first step is a great indicator of whether the topic holds interest READ MORE

How many leads do you need per campaign?

Calculating the number of leads needed for a B2B marketing campaign seems simple. You can do it on the back of an envelope: firstly, work out the real target - consider your revenue target, reduce this by any annuity revenue to get your "sales target". Then reduce this by the weighted probability of opportunities you can already see, and you have your revenue gap. Divide this revenue gap by your average sale value, and you have the number of sales required. Easy right? Well, not so fast. Why quick calculations aren't enough to forecast leads Quick calculations READ MORE

What colleges should be teaching Marketing majors

Marketing, like most things in life, is completely different from what it was 10 years ago. We are moving to a more social and more personalized web, which means that customers desire a more customized, relevant experience. Unfortunately, most universities and colleges are still preaching ye olde marketing curriculum. Recently, Lauren Carlson, producer at CRMSoftware.TV, sat down with some current marketing gurus to discuss what skills are really needed for success today. Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot Eric Holmen, Silverpop Adam Steinberg, Silverpop The discussion was very interesting. One point that was brought up was in regards to success READ MORE

How measuring lag can boost sales

Most businesses have an accurate handle on the length of their sales cycle - the time that elapses between a lead being qualified and the closing of the deal. If your total sales cycle is six months, or three months, or twelve months, what does that mean and what can you change to improve results? Should you measure anything else, and if you did, what would you change? The answers lie in the detail - but only a little way in. Simply reverse the usual logic and think about time from the buyers' perspective and not the READ MORE

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