The digital marketing disconnect: The vaccum facing business leaders

"There is a digital disconnect in executive ranks, a leadership vacuum created by a mismatch between expertise and authority." So says Jake Scrofman in The Harvard Business Review Blog. This pithy summary hits the nail on the head. In many, many of our meetings with prospective and current clients the senior team are aware, in principle at least, of the potential of digital, inbound marketing to drive increased revenue, improve sales and marketing efficiency and a reduction in their cost of sales. But they don't know what and how to change. The result is they cling to READ MORE

Why business leaders must shift budgets from Sales to Marketing

The simple answer to this question is because the way your customers are buying is changing. But here is the explanation. Multiple respected research firms such as Forrester, Gartner, The Corporate Executive Board and IDC are finding that today's buyer is 'self serving', finding the information they need to help move along their buying cycle without any intervention from the vendor at all. Research has shown that B2B buyers are completing between 60 - 90% of their buying journey before contacting any vendors. They are downloading content, joining in discussions on social media, such as LinkedIn, watching READ MORE

How to build mobile-friendly websites and emails

Your target market is increasingly reading your website on small devices, which means much of your designer's hard work is wasted. If your pages are not formatted with mobile viewing in mind, chances are your users will click away quickly. Some will argue that this is a consumer phenomenon, but that's a cop-out. The reality is that your audience is becoming less patient by the day, and if your content can't be digested easily, it won't be. Even for sites that enjoy a good proportion of patient, desk-bound visitors, the emails that promote your web copy and READ MORE

Align to Buyer’s Journey then Flip the Switch for Marketing Automation

I recently read another great post on the Marketing Automation Software Guide.  The article entitled, Close the Gaps to Close More Sales with Marketing Automation, was written by Sharon Drew Morgan who has written and spoken passionately about the need for new sales models and processes. The central theme to Sharon Drew’s article is that marketing automation systems (when used properly) enable companies to align their marketing and sales efforts to the buyer’s journey. This in turn improves conversion rates and sales effectiveness. Ms. Morgan made another insightful point that I want to comment on later. But READ MORE

B2B marketing and sales alignment: behind the scenes, the making of Concur

B2B marketing and sales professionals often hear about how they need to align themselves for successful business outcomes. As simple as it is to say, the reality is that it is often quite a difficult thing to achieve, and in some cases a seemingly insurmountable task. So it helps to be able to learn from companies that have succeeded in achieving alignment. According to David Lewis’s their DemandCon presentation blurb, “when it comes to marketing automation, no one has more experience then DemandGen with implementing end-to-end lead management systems to align sales and marketing.”  As Founder and READ MORE

Nurturing you and your leads will love: segmenting and automation to give B2B marketing leads a personalised experience

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... Surely this is a goal for most B2B marketing teams. But of course personalisation often reads as almost synonymous with difficult, so it sets the alarm bells start ring for many of us. The trouble is you will get better results with personalised B2B marketing tactics. At we certainly believe in clear, specific tactics for carrying-out optimised B2B marketing and sales solutions. So is there any way to take the difficulty out of personalisation? Just after my own heart, Kim Albee believes a nurturing attitude to prospects will READ MORE

B2B Marketing Nirvana – targeting emails

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... We’ve had a social media Mecca and now we’ve got a B2B marketing nirvana. defines nirvana as, “a place or state characterised by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world”. So if there is a B2B marketing ‘nirvana’, in what sense can you achieve it? Firstly, you would need to cut-out marketing tactics that are all worry and no results. People are almost immune to mass marketing efforts these days, so B2B marketing professionals need to be all-the-more savvy. To do this they need to READ MORE

Marketing Operations of the Future

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... Marketing Automation doesn’t happen overnight. There is a transition process involved. B2B marketing organisations will need to work through this process and respond to new ways of doing things as they go. B2B marketing delivery, user tracking, scoring and strategy all come into play. So what does this mean for the whole B2B marketing team? It means exactly that – the whole B2B marketing team needs to facilitate changes. And what’s more, B2B sales teams need to be on board to ensure full Marketing Automation roll-out. Ryan Abreo, Vice READ MORE

Virtual events for B2B marketing

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... The internet is no longer an optional B2B marketing channel, but a key platform to almost every campaign executed. If we consider the huge changes that we’ve witnessed in the last decade, it’s logical to think that the virtual landscape will only continue to move to the centre of every B2B marketing professional’s world. The best approach is to embrace what you can of the digital world to avoid being left in the dust! Has your company started conducting virtual events? In this presentation at DemandCon, Dennis Shiao will READ MORE

Science at the top of the B2B marketing Funnel

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes... Do you know how to use the internet to find B2B marketing leads? If you’re reading a B2B marketing blog, then your answer is likely a yes. But then comes the other obvious question: are the leads you find via your internet searches of the right quality? There are some great technology solutions designed to help you scour the information on the web for leads, but the biggest costs are incurred by the sales force well after the leads is landed. So how do you get a quality list READ MORE

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