Measuring content marketing performance: 5 key metrics you should be using

Would you believe that 49% of marketers don't understand how their content performs? That means nearly half of all marketers have no idea whether their content marketing is getting cut-through or if there's something they could be doing better. It also means that the high effort and cost going into content strategy and creation may be going to waste. Content plays an important part in marketing for every business - but for B2B businesses with their often-complex product offerings, it can be especially hard to get right. That's where measuring your content marketing performance comes in. With READ MORE

Five ways to lift B2B landing page conversions

A good landing page is key to a successful marketing campaign – it's what will convert your visitors into leads, after all. But a B2B landing page can often be tricky to create due to a lack of understanding of the wants and desires of your audience. B2B consumers are often driven by a real need for a product and have more pragmatic purchasing habits than their B2C counterparts. Knowing how to build an attractive and effective landing page for these consumers will lead to higher conversion rates, a better reputation for your business, and more sales. READ MORE

Landing page experiment and 5 big lessons for B2B

Have you ever run an AB test or an experiment? We do them all the time, but in B2B marketing there’s a few little traps that can catch you because the data can tell you lies and you’ll form the wrong conclusions. I’ll show you how to avoid those wrong conclusions and to use tests to optimize all of your marketing. The first thing I want to address is why we do these tests and why we take them through to the conclusion of trying to be statistically significant.  First, we can get really big improvements READ MORE

Using PURLs in Direct Mail

What is a PURL and why would I use one? By Charlotte Mackenzie Well, the answer is pretty simple. PURL stands for ‘personalised URL’, which is exactly what it is; a fully-trackable online address that is exclusive to the individual buyer. When a person visits their PURL, it redirects to whatever URL you want it to. This could be any page on your site, a promotional offer, or a landing page generated for a specific campaign, such as a personal event invite and registration form. PURLs can be incorporated into your personalised direct mail and eDM communications READ MORE

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