How to build a business case for content marketing

  By now you should know that just because your buyer doesn’t want to progress right now, doesn’t mean they never will. Recycling is mandatory, and in order to make the most of your list and establish a successful funnel, leaked buyers must be carefully nurtured through this process. What many Sales and Marketing people don’t realise is that recycling can actually be the difference between a 2% and 20% share of the market. The reality is: if you aren’t doing it, you should be! In this blog, Hugh explains the four keys to effective recycling. He READ MORE

How to close more deals by closing less often

  The harder you work on closing, the less successful you are at it. That has always been true for sales and I am going to show you why it's true for marketing, as well. In a recent blog I showed you why trying to make your funnel flow faster is folly. Apologies for the alliteration, but basically, we can't go faster or slower than the buyer wants us to go and I showed you why that was the case in a recent blog. In this blog, I am going to show you why our focus shouldn't READ MORE

How many zombies are lurking in your sales pipeline?

Have you ever felt that you might be in the presence of the living dead? Even if you are not a horror movie fan, it might be worth taking a closer look at your organisation’s sales pipeline. The things you are likely to uncover could disturb you. That’s because many of today’s sales pipelines contain deals that are destined to never close - and yet the sales people responsible seem strangely unwilling to acknowledge the fact. Many of the deals were never alive in the first place - and many more are beyond any hope of resurrection. READ MORE

How to make your funnel flow faster

Yes, you can speed up the time it takes for a potential buyer to make the purchase of your product or service. But not by skipping steps along the buyer's journey. You do it by looking closely at the time they take to move through each step - the lag - and helping them to progress faster through one or two of these stages. An analysis of this process - or journey - will result in knowledge of when a buyer is gone and should be "leaked" and when they are in need of another tactic READ MORE

How to size for sales success – know thy funnel

Most sales teams have an inherent awareness of how many customers they need to see in order to make a sale - in other words, the key ratios that affect their business. One business will tell you confidently that they win one sale from every four proposals. Another will say that it takes around three phone calls just to get a meeting. But how many drill back into their statistics to determine the total number of activity steps needed to achieve a result? And how many in this age of quarterly reports bother to work out the READ MORE

B2B lead generation: Why Sales and Marketing alignment produces better leads

The sales department wants the marketing department to provide more leads. But they want them to be "better qualified". The real question is, "qualified according to whom?" We all know the cliché that a suspect is not a prospect. If someone fills out a form at a trade show it doesn't mean they are interested in your products or services - just that they visited your stand or gave their contact details in order to pick up a trinket for the office. The big issue is that Sales and Marketing are not looking in the same direction. READ MORE

80% Marketers Use Analytics…and Why This Sucks!

jjkkAlmostAlmost 80% of Almost 80%Almost 80%Almost 80% of marketers have some form of marketing analytics. In fact, almost 40% claim to have vast or significant quantities of marketing data, according to MarketingSherpa in their publication, The 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmarking Report. But...and it's a huge but...only just over a third of marketers are able to use all this beautiful, juicy data to gain any insight into the effectiveness of their marketing and a further 46% of respondents claim they only get occasional insights from their marketing analytics. What a waste! This really sucks! Genuine insight into marketing READ MORE

B2B Complex Sales: why sales people should NEVER demo their product

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a product demo that seems to go on interminably until you feel that you have lost the will to live? Ever felt that the sales person is simply lobbing feature after feature at you, desperately hoping that that at least one of them will be of interest? Ever believed that they aren’t going to let you out of the room (or off the call) until they have shown you absolutely everything? Well, you’re not alone. That’s exactly how most prospects that have been subjected to a classic “everything READ MORE

Funnel Management Goals: new business, not revenue

For years, B2B Marketing has been goaled on soft measures like awareness and more-recently leads. While neither have a role in contemporary B2B funnel management, measuring Marketing on revenue isn't the answer either. This isn't my 'prettiest' video blog, but this story was bubbling away and after a lengthy flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Poznan, Poland and I just had to let it out as soon as I landed.     Your thoughts?  

How to measure lead effectiveness

Some businesses change their tactics with the same amount of science as they used to choose them in the first place - none. Others get themselves into such a state about how to decide whether to change or not, that they analyse themselves to death. So what makes sense to measure - and why? The answers lie in the detail - but only a little way in. Measure interest: What percentage of those who you first invited to act, took the first step? This first step is a great indicator of whether the topic holds interest READ MORE

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