6 tips for writing Electronic Direct Mail to nurture your prospects

Not everyone is ready to buy from you right now. But that doesn't mean they won't be ready to buy from you soon. In B2B marketing, we use email nurturing as a tactic to remain positioned with our prospective buyers even when they're not ready to buy. Electronic Direct Mail provides us with an opportunity to remain at the front of a lead’s mind and shape their thinking until they’re ready to buy. In today’s blog, I've got 6 tips for writing Electronic Direct Mail to nurture your prospects. Let me share them with you now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_e6DgvvxOo&feature=youtu.be READ MORE

Why email newsletters don’t work [video]

Email newsletters don't work. That might be an unpopular opinion-  but it's true! Email newsletters are poor marketing tactics, simply because your inactive buyers don't care about your new features, your recent wins, or your stellar hiring decisions. They simply don't care about your news. This isn't a recent change. Email newsletters have never been a good tactic for the reasons I explained. But email marketing can be your most powerful tactic. The difference? Well, it's the content, of course. https://www.youtube.com/embed/P7G3uTjZrT0 Why email newsletters don’t work Flip your perspective just for a moment. Become one of READ MORE

Cold email templates [video]

We were asked to look at cold email templates for B2B. We found 16, and unpacked what we think the essential common elements are of the recommendations. We've added one really critical missing ingredients. It's important. We've added it in, and we've created our own template that you can base your own cold email template on. Today, I'm going to start with the conclusions right up front, then I'll give you the research that led to those conclusions, and then finally I'll end with our cold email template for B2B. Here's what we learned: Provide a benefit READ MORE

B2B email examples and 8 actionable tips [video]

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in a B2B marketer's arsenal, but what really works? Today, let me share with you some great B2B email examples and eight actionable steps that you can take to improve your B2B emails. Let me start with the tips first. There are eight of them. The first tip is make it all about them, not you. Pack as much unique value into your email as you can, but invert the triangle, that is, pack the value into the beginning. Use as few words as you can, but as READ MORE

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