B2B email examples and 8 actionable tips [video]

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in a B2B marketer's arsenal, but what really works? Today, let me share with you some great B2B email examples and eight actionable steps that you can take to improve your B2B emails. Let me start with the tips first. There are eight of them. The first tip is make it all about them, not you. Pack as much unique value into your email as you can, but invert the triangle, that is, pack the value into the beginning. Use as few words as you can, but as READ MORE

Do event invites convey Valid Business Reasons (VBR)?

  By Yulia Edirisinghe In B2B marketing, events are one of the most frequently leveraged tactics, and whether it is a large event, a trade conference, or a small format event in your boardroom, the success of an event hangs on getting the right people in the room. So your event invitation is key. It has to: Successfully convey what the event is about, while being coy enough to peak the recipients’ interest to find out more; Allow for a process of self-qualification, making sure the people who attend are those you want to have a conversation READ MORE

Using PURLs in Direct Mail

What is a PURL and why would I use one? By Charlotte Mackenzie Well, the answer is pretty simple. PURL stands for ‘personalised URL’, which is exactly what it is; a fully-trackable online address that is exclusive to the individual buyer. When a person visits their PURL, it redirects to whatever URL you want it to. This could be any page on your site, a promotional offer, or a landing page generated for a specific campaign, such as a personal event invite and registration form. PURLs can be incorporated into your personalised direct mail and eDM communications READ MORE

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