Trade shows are a wickedly expensive way to reach a new market

Spending the day at Salesforce World Tour in Melbourne provided ample evidence that events work wonderfully well for the organisers and often poorly for those who sponsor or take booths. For context, this event is largely pitched at existing users, not prospects, so it's preaching to the choir somewhat. Let's start with what was amazing at this event: mostly everything Salesforce did, but scale particularly. In the keynote theatre, the speakers were not on stage but wandered through the large crowd set out 'in the round' with a couple of static camera guys and a mobile cameraman READ MORE

Hugh Macfarlane to present Funnel Plan training workshop for b2b marketers at DemandCon in May 2012

April 16, 2012, Melbourne, Australia – Founder and CEO, Hugh Macfarlane, will present his trademark “Funnel Logic” in a training workshop at DemandCon in London this May. The workshop will be held on May 29th 2012, and will help participants bring together all that they learn during the conference into a highly actionable plan for revenue generation. Uniquely designed to be of high value for both executives and individual contributors involved with lead and revenue generation, the certified training program reveals advanced techniques and best practices for increasing funnel volume and velocity by using’s proven sales READ MORE

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